Sigma expands operations in Ukraine

Sigma Software

Top executives of Sigma, one of the leading IT-consultancies in Sweden – Sune Nilsson, CEO of Sigma Group, and Carl Vikingsson, CEO of Sigma Kudos – visited Kharkiv to discuss the strategy of expanding the operations in Ukraine.

Their visit is timed to the fifth anniversary of Eclipse SP – a Sigma company, representing the consultancy in Ukraine. Sune Nilsson says that expanding Sigma Group activities in Ukraine is well aligned with the strategic objectives for the company.

“Modern economy is mainly knowledge economy. We had long been looking for partners in India and Europe and were impressed by the opportunities Ukraine offered. Cooperation with Ukraine is our strategic choice while it is here that we found specialists whose competence meets world standards. Their knowledge and experience contribute a lot to the group performance. That is why we strive to expand our activities in the region and consider it as long-term investments into our future.”

Within the five years Eclipse SP exists, it evolved from a small firm employing 6 consultants into an international company whose staff now includes over 100 high-skilled professionals in Kharkiv and Odessa. For more than a year already Eclipse SP constitutes a part of global group of consultancies Sigma, which counts over 1,300 employees in more than 25 cities of 10 countries and plans to expand its business by employing three times as many consultants as they have now in three years and opening an office in Kiev.

“Our company develops modern corporate information systems and IT-services, Web-applications and real-time systems utilizing such technologies as Java, .NET, C++, Flash” says Valery Krasovsky, COO of Eclipse SP. “Cooperation with Sigma Group granted us broad opportunities to create unique solutions for world renowned brands and to gain experience in integrating modern software products.”

“Becoming a part of Sigma Group and aligning our strategies for further business development as well as our previous achievements make us feel sure that the plans for further company growth will be realized”, says Vladimir Beck, CEO of Eclipse SP. “As most of Ukrainian IT-companies today we mainly work for foreign customers representing our country in the global market and doing it worthily. As a part of Sigma Group we are involved in numerous international assignments together with our colleagues in Western Europe and Nordic. And it is quite logical that further company development will involve providing consulting services for domestic Ukrainian market. In particular, we regard bringing the proven experience of Sigma and the knowledge we gained in the field of information logistics to be a good prospective since the demand for efficient information management is rising in Ukrainian IT-market. And we already start taking steps in this direction.”

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