Sigma forms partnership with SAS to reduce IT costs and support business development

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Sigma and SAS have signed a five-year contract on application development, support, management, and operation of five production control systems, including the takeover of key personnel.

Initially, Sigma will build on two existing systems to reduce licensing and maintenance costs. In parallel, five systems were transferred to Sigma’s support, management, and operation organization. Support and management will be handled by Sigma in Ukraine, while operation will be handled by Sigma in Stockholm.

Jonas Berggren, Program manager at SAS describes the partnership:

“We have chosen to create a new purchasing model, where our IT partner takes much greater responsibility for both operating system development and as a support for business development. Sigma proved that they are not only competitive in price, but also in quality and delivery. SAS is a large group and naturally would perhaps turn to one of the largest outsourcing companies. But in our comparison of potential partners, it showed Sigma matched our criteria best and we quickly found an agreement with Sigma on how the model will look,” explains Jonas.

“Sigma is customer-oriented and flexible, and they can quickly adapt to changing circumstances and also pick up our key personnel in a really good way. It is extremely important for us that they are satisfied with Sigma, so we get a smooth transition and a maintained service,” Jonas concludes.

“Sigma’s goal is to reduce SAS IT costs but still deliver services and solutions that are better than the current one. Together with SAS we have so far successfully implemented significant IT savings and we continue together on the same tracks,” says Per Kündig, business responsible at Sigma.

Håkan Karlsson, CEO for Sigma IT & Management comments on the business:

“We are very proud and pleased that SAS sees strengths in Sigma’s services with combined deliveries and chooses us as its IT partner. Sigma and SAS’s ambition is also to let other flight companies purchase the benefits of the developed system as a cost-effective service.”

For more information, please contact:

Per Kündig, Sigma IT & Management

+46 702 66 90 04

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