Sigma helps Ukrainian government delivering a brand new solution to the Department of Education

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New solution for the Department of Education of UkraineAn online human resource management solution (HRM), developed and deployed by Eclipse SP, a member of Sigma Group, replaces previously existing comprehensive paperwork performed by education officers. Effectively in operations since 2009, it increases the accuracy and reduces the costs of managing over 10000 temporary employees engaged in education quality testing of about 50000 graduates annually in three regions of Ukraine – Odessa, Kirovograd and Nikolaev.

Ukrainian Center for Education Quality Evaluation (UCEQE) in Odessa is a structural unit of the education department of the Ukrainian government. The Center performs External Independent Testing for school graduates throughout the country involving temporary employees for executing the process.

In Odessa, Kirovograd and Nikolaev alone the center has to manage up to 10 000 persons in 304 locations which requires loads of manual paperwork. Eclipse SP delivered an HRM solution automating the process thus helping the customer avoid excessive paperwork and increasing the efficiency of the process. According to the results of graduates testing campaign in 2009, the solution helped education officers spend half as much time on managing temporary employees thus halving the costs. Now Eclipse SP leverages the advantage of consultants’ availability in Odessa office to continue supporting the customer at the location and plans to expand its activities at government segment of the market.

“We are glad that a government body gave us credence and became our customer,” says Vladimir Beck, Eclipse SP CEO. “We take pride in having an opportunity to contribute to the efficiency of our education system, as we believe it is a cornerstone for Ukraine’s economy.”

“This is a first assignment Eclipse SP performs for Ukrainian government bodies and I’m glad that we can now have our profound knowledge and expertise, gained in international projects, serve Ukrainian society,” says Valery Krasovsky, Eclipse SP COO. “We are looking forward to more opportunities in this field.”

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