Sigma participated in Chamber of Commerce and Industry Day in Gothenburg

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Eclipse SP representative participated in Chamber of Commerce and Industry Day sharing Sweden-Ukraine collaboration success story.

Western Sweden Chamber of Commerce and Industry annual meetings are aimed at increasing awareness of people in recent developments in business. This year the meeting touched upon the major problems of automotive industry including car safety, environmental friendliness and competitiveness of Swedish automotive companies.

The evening was introduced by Leif Johansson, President of the Volvo Group and continued later at a brisk pace with among others Jan Åke Jonsson, President of Saab Automobile and artists like Salem Al Fakir and the dance group JEERK. Sigma was represented by Elena Gorlova from Eclipse SP, who shared Sigma experience in staying competitive due to multisourcing model Sigma uses for delivering solutions to its clients.

“In order to stay competitive, you must deliver flawlessly efficient solutions. We do it by taking the best of what each country of presence can give us and combining it into one single solution which best fits customer’s needs,” said Elena Gorlova, Eclipse SP Regional Sales Director. “In these terms Ukraine offers unrivalled technical expertise that helps not only our company, but also our clients’ businesses increase competitiveness.”

“We hope that Sigma experience in working with Ukraine will help other companies in Sweden look at Ukraine from a different angle,” said Vladimir Beck, Eclipse SP CEO. “And we are really proud that it is our consultants and their competence that contribute to our country’s positive image on the international arena.”

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