Sigma Smart Board: new Windows 8 app released on Windows Store

Sigma Software

Sigma Smart Board is a powerful, smart and fast online tool to streamline Scrum processes, which helps to manage projects being done by local or distributed teams. This application is designed for agile developers who value responsiveness and comfort in things they work with.

"With Sigma Smart Board, one may see current sprint progress, manage your backlog, create user stories and add them to current sprint," says Anatoly Kochetov, Microsoft Solutions Department Manager at Sigma Ukraine. "Also it allows working with a user story - manage tasks, assign team members, change task status and other things every member of SCRUM master and team members do in their day-to-day job."

Sigma Smart Board


Features of the new app include:

  • Once you sign in, you can create projects and invite teammates to them;
  • Manage the product backlog, plan sprints and assign people to tasks;
  • Shared virtual task board enables everyone to instantly see current sprint progress;
  • All changes to the project are immediately visible to all connected team members;
  • When connection is lost, you can still see the project data;
  • Upload you avatar or take a photo with web camera.

Now the application is available on Windows Store.

"This application is an example of how design and usability principles behind the new technology can be reflected in ingenious Windows 8 style scrum board. And this is definitely a great personal and team productivity app for Windows 8 tablets and PCs!" says Artem Petrenko, Business Development Manager at Sigma Ukraine. 

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