Sigma Software 2022 CSR Report: The Power of Care and Technology

During the year 2022, we at Sigma Software, took our CSR activities to a new level – in response to new challenges. In tight cooperation with our specialists, families, partners, and clients, we did everything possible to support our people and our country. The community, to which we contributed for many years, has proved to be a formidable force that stood against the current dangers.

Several years ago, our CSR group formed our position of a responsible company that is much bigger than just doing business. We did not realize then how much a company can do and mean to society. Over 2022, almost every person related to our company was involved in social activities, and we, as a company, have supported and contributed to numerous initiatives, including social help, educational services, psychological support, and governmental programs.

Together with our member company IdeaSoft, we launched our own charity fund Help Kharkiv to provide targeted help for transportation, accommodation, medicine, food, and protection means with a focus on Kharkiv and Poltava regions that faced serious damage. Our specialist joined several IT projects aimed to help people affected by the war to find accommodation, psychological support, information about their property. An IT education project Start for Life Ukraine, on which we had been working before 2022, was successfully started and gained incredible financial, organizational, and technical support from our partners, Ukrainian educational institutions, and our sponsors. It’s hard to even mention all social activities that we were involved in during 2022. However, we tried – find out more in 2022 CSR Report.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2022

To sum up the year 2022, let me quote Valery Krasovsky, Sigma Software Group CEO and Co-founder:

“In 2022 Sigma Software turned 20! This year was the time of trial for us, but also the time of learning. We learned that IT is the great power and that our readiness to help each other is an enormous power, too. Digital solutions proved efficient in the toughest hours, and the world of technology that we create every day turned more resilient than anyone could imagine. The Sigma Software team around the world is growing and proves that we`re able to endure all the difficulties to continue working, to keep delivering the best services to our customers.”

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