Sigma Software and Okean Elzy Run a Joint Charity Project

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October 13 and 14, 2016, OKEAN ELZY, one of the best-loved Ukrainian rock bands, will give concerts in Stockholm, Sweden, as a part of the World tour to support the ninth studio album. From the income from one of these concerts, increased by Sigma Software donation, a special project aimed at providing IT education to social orphans in Ukraine will be financed. Sigma Software is going to overtake the organizational support, and will attract volunteers for teaching children computer literacy, the basics of programming, and the English language.

Sigma Software and Okean Elzy Run a Joint Charity ProjectFor the first time ever, OKEAN ELZY includes Sweden in its tour route. The concerts in Sweden are a part of the World tour 2016-2017 to support the band’s ninth studio album ‘Without limits’ (Ukr: “Без меж”).

OKEAN ELZY and Sigma Software joint charity project is aimed at providing computer literacy and professional IT education for children from adverse families and social orphans.

Two special schools were selected to become a part of the project:

  • "Pokrova" family house (19, Kryvchytska Doroga St., Lviv)
  • Regional tubercular clinical sanatorium for children (40, Arckitektorov St., Kharkiv)

Within the framework of the project, computer classes will be equipped in these institutions. Each school will receive new furniture, computers and components (headsets, mice, USB flash drives, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Windows and Office, etc.), whiteboards, projector and screen. Kharkiv school will also receive a modern TV set, while Lviv will get a digital camera. Some repair works are planned as well.

“We understand that every school has own needs. We analyzed what the educational establishments lack the most, and created a plan considering this information.” says Mykhaylo Antonovych, Head of Sigma Software University. “In new classrooms Sigma Software volunteers will be running classes for kids. I hope in future we will be able to attract volunteers from other IT companies to join this project, called to increase the chances of these children to receive a good education and have a decent life.”

It is quite obvious today that without computer literacy a child has little chances to get a good job in the future. Therefore, various courses for kids appear every day. These courses are designed for kids of different ages, from 4 to 17 years old. Children learn the basics of programming, HTML/CSS, create simple games, and more.

Orphans, children from single-parent or adverse families have no opportunity to attend such courses. The project`s goal is to provide them with a possibility to plunge into information technology world, boost math and English, which will increase their chances to get good education in the future.

“Sigma Software supports numerous initiatives aimed at IT education promotion among kids. This project is a new chapter in these activities,” says Valery Krasovsky, Sigma Software CEO. “Many children without parental support or children in special institutions have limited education opportunities, which influences their chances to get a job and build their life. We try to give these kids the tools to be fitted to modern life, to find their way to well-being, and blend into society.”

Svyztoslav Vakarchuk, the leader of OKEAN ELZY:

“Everyone has to change something in oneself. If you change, and a million of people around you will change, then the country will start changing too.”

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