Sigma Software Birthday and Traditions Turned into a Good Cause

Twenty-two years ago in Kharkiv, five friends established the company that we know today as Sigma Software. Over the years, the company changed its name, joined Sigma Group, has grown to 2000+ people, and opened offices in 19 countries. What remained unchanged is our tradition to celebrate the company’s birthday big.

Our celebrations were marked by balloon launches, shows of famous Ukrainian artists and groups – The Hardkiss, TNMK, and Jamala, visits of a known Swedish entrepreneur and philanthropist, owner of Sigma Group and Danir Group Dan Olofsson, Carl Vikingsson, President and CEO at Sigma Technology Group, and other prominent people. As a gift from our company, all Sigma Software specialists got branded T-shirts.

Den Olofsson in Ukraine

This year, we decided to meet at breakfasts, picnics, meetings, workshops and also have a big celebration in a different way. Many of you know that Ukrainian cities and towns, including the native city of our company Kharkiv, are regularly attacked by drones and missiles. So, instead of making t-shirts, we choose to donate money to support the Ukrainian army and citizens. We, together with Sigma Software Unity Fund, are joining a large project aimed at developing a system for the protection of Ukrainian cities.

The project that has already united many Ukrainian businesses, is called to save human lives and our beloved cities from destruction. Kharkiv, the hometown of our company, and many of our colleagues should become the first city to test the system. In the future, the project will be expanded to other Ukrainian cities.

Sigma Software Birthday Celebration

Sigma Software starts with the donation of ₴300,000 (equivalent of $7,5K) for the development of the system – the amount that was planned for the production of BDay t-shirts. Sigma Software specialists will join the fundraising with their personal donations and the collected amount will be doubled by the company.

We invite everyone to celebrate our birthday with a donation for protection of Ukrainian cities!


The fundraising will last from May 10 to 20, inclusively.

We will announce the results of the fundraising at the end of May in the regular digest from Sigma Software Unity Fund and on our social networks.

Sigma Software Team

Stay in touch to find out the total amount we will raise for this project important for every Ukrainian!

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