Sigma Software and Black Snow Games Created web2 to web3 Tutorial for NEAR Protocol Adopters

Sigma Software Group and Black Snow Games contribute to the adoption of web3 and NEAR Protocol. The companies in collaboration with the NEAR Foundation have created a handy tutorial for anyone considering converting their games to web3.

The blockchain expertise of Sigma Software Group and practical experience of Black Snow Games from converting a free to play large-scale mobile AR game called Black Snow were transformed into a sequence of practical steps accompanied by code examples. The tutorial is aimed to pave the road for any newcomer who needs a guide for converting a regular mobile game towards the game with NFTs in NEAR ecosystem.

Near Protocol transition tutorial

As a mark of its quality, the tutorial was shared by, a collective, a foundation, and a development platform built on a new layer-one blockchain. In just a few days after its publication, Moving from web 2 to web 3 tutorial attracted a lot of attention from the NEAR community. Considering the important contribution to ecosystem growth, the tutorial was in the spotlight on blog.

“Our team had taken a very practical, down-the-earth approach converting existing mobile AR game to web3 ideology and architecture, we hope our tutorial will help NEAR blockchain newcomers and traditional game creators to ramp up for new web3 games faster,” notes Vlad Beck, Co-founder and Board Member at Sigma Software Group.

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