Sigma Software CEO became a member of Supervisory board of Kharkiv National University

Sigma Software

Back in summer Ukrainian Parliament adopted a new law on higher education, which aims at modernization of educational process to the requirements of the European Union. Among the novelties that the law introduces is creation of universities` supervisory boards, which should include representatives of local authorities, scientific institutions and business.

Member of Supervisory board of Kharkiv National UniversityAmong the primary aims of the supervisory boards, the law determines educational institutions development, raising funds for its activities, building an effective cooperation between university, public authorities, scientific community and business.

Kharkiv National University became the first among city`s educational establishments to call the supervisory board. It consists of the country's leading scientists, academics, representatives of friendly countries consulates, delegates from Ministry of education, and business representatives.

Kharkiv National University and Sigma Software have a long record of successful cooperation, therefore, no wonder that Sigma Software CEO Vladimir Beck was invited to join the supervisory board of the University.

"Since 2010 our company was engaged in dialogue with the government aimed at IT education development in Ukraine. We keep on pointing out the vital role of close cooperation between business and universities. Without such cooperation improvement of education quality seems to be impossible”, says Vladimir Beck, CEO at Sigma Software.

“Few years ago Sigma Software initiated and then coordinated the Working Group, which consisted of the representatives of leading Ukrainian technical universities and IT business. The Working Group has elaborated the document, signed by the Prime-Minister on September 2011, which foresaw steps for strengthening partner relations between business and education. For instance, business representatives were included in scientific-methodical commissions and now can influence curriculum creation and amending. The new law on higher education provides more opportunities for fruitful collaboration and thereby this is another step forward," underlines Valery Krasovsky, COO at Sigma Software.


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