Sigma Software Develops a New Online Data Portal for the Lviv City

Sigma Software

Sigma Software is actively engaged in different social projects. One of them is recent development of the Lviv City online portal. Now any citizen can see the current city data and statistics on quality of life, which makes the work of the city council transparent and people-oriented.

In January 2016, the Lviv City Council shared with us the information about their ambition to create a single online portal that will ease the citizens` access to key information about Lviv current indicators. These include statistics data on the population, economic development, social protection, living standards, utility charges, the development of education, culture, and tourism, and many more.

Online Data Portal for the Lviv City

The aim of this project was to provide the public with unhindered access to the key indicators of the city in a convenient format. Such portals are a common practice for all major European cities.

Sigma Software overtook all the expenses and provided with a team, which developed the portal to ready product. The project lasted for several months from defyning technical requirements to usability, content analysis, and prototyping. Due to our efforts, Lviv residents now have the opportunity to be aware of how the local authorities work, what is happening in the city, and how it develops.

The portal is divided into three sections: statistics, quality of life, and strategy. Each section contains information, sorted by category. Here the end-user can find any data, from figures for population, budgets planned, and tourism volumes to the city strategy for coming years. The portal includes statistics by more than 200 indicators; this number is planned to be increased by four times in the future.

Sigma Software has a good reputation on the international market, and it is our pleasure to work with them. In their work they use best practices to meet the highest quality standards. What is also important, the company has a local office in Lviv. We had an experience working with other IT companies and can actually compare. We would like to thank the company for their support and excellent work they did,” says Andriy Vyshnevsky, Head of Lviv municipal enterprise "City Information Technology Center". “As our next steps we plan to expand the number of indicators on the portal up to 850 and introduce displaying data in dynamics from 2010.”

“We consider this project as the investment in a better and sustainable future. With Sigma Software help, Lviv becomes friendlier for its citizens, taking the path of major European cities. This portal is called to improve the dialogue between the city authorities and the citizens and contribute to Lviv development. We believe other Ukrainian cities will follow the example of Lviv, and so the whole country some day will come close to European standards of living,” says Volodymyr Chyrva, Development Director at Sigma Software.

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