Sigma Software Enters The DAN.IT Advisory Board

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The educational training center DAN.IT was launched in 2017 in Kyiv to apply the best practices of the Israeli army in training IT specialists. Sigma Software became a member of the advisory board. In cooperation with the leading Ukrainian IT companies, we are going to take part in shaping the academic program to train specialists that match the requirements of businesses.

DAN.IT education training center was founded by Israeli partners, one of them is Eran Lasser, the former senior official at Israeli IT training Center for Army. After the end of his army service, he founded a private institution for the civil sector, which today occupies more than 70% of the Israeli IT market and has branches in Hungary, China, and Turkey. DAN.IT education will work in Ukraine as an analog of such center.

Sigma Software entered the advisory board to follow the big idea that the company sees its business, which is to develop Ukrainian IT community and contribute to improving IT education and IT specialists training.

Sigma Software Enters The DAN.IT Advisory Board

The lack of qualified specialists is an ongoing problem that Ukrainian IT industry faces over a decade. Many companies have united their efforts to change the situation for the better through establishing an effective work with universities, perfecting educational programs, and bringing them in line with market requirements.

As a long-term member of an EBA IT Committee and a founder of its own corporate educational platform, every year Sigma Software makes significant investments in IT education enhancement. No wonder Sigma Software experts are closely involved in DAN.IT Supervisory Board, which implies creating and updating academic programs, mentoring students, and evaluating their final projects. Involving top experts from the leading IT companies ensures students receiving relevant knowledge and skills.

“The cause for the staffing problems in Ukraine lies behind the level of university graduates training, which does not meet the expectations of the market,” says Marianna Konina, Chief Visionary Officer at DAN.IT education. “We have adopted the Israeli approach to IT staff training. This educational system allows graduating as a Senior IT specialist in just two years. Their academic program is designed with a focus on advanced technologies and hands-on practice.”

“This is a great initiative, and surely we wouldn`t miss such an opportunity to contribute even more to IT education development in Ukraine,’ says Anna Arutyunyan, Head of Sigma Software University, member of DAN.IT Advisory Board. “As an Advisory Board member, we are going to participate in creating training programs and defining vital demands of businesses to IT specialists. Within Sigma Software University, we constantly run our own courses and trainings both for students and for experienced specialists, therefore we know for sure what skills and what background is important for the market. I`m sure that our cooperation with DAN.IT will help Ukrainian education to reach a new level. Using the best world practices should also leave the visible imprint on education and further development.”

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