Sigma Software to Equip Data Science Lab in Kyiv Mohyla Academy

Sigma Software

One of the oldest Ukrainian universities is also one of the most progressive. Following the global technological trends, National University “Kyiv Mohyla Academy” is launching a new educational program dedicated to Data Science and related disciplines – Big Data, Machine Learning, neural network and Artificial Intelligence, and others. Sigma Software supports the initiative by equipping a special laboratory where students will get practical experience in gathering, processing, and analyzing data.

In 2017 and 2018, the university will receive servers and computers from the company, while the start of the first classes is planned for spring 2018. It is expected that during the first semester the future IT specialists will be introduced to Machine Learning, Big Data, and basics of Hadoop stack. Sigma Software is going to strengthen the academic program with extracurricular activities – courses and workshops. The traditional Agile course, running for the 8th year in the leading universities of Kharkiv, Odesa, and Lviv, will also take place in a new Data Science space.

Sigma Software Equips Data Science Lab in Kyiv Mohyla Academy

Mykola Glybovets, Head of Informatics Department, shares how the joint work has started:

“Data Science is an emerging area in the world and in our country. In Ukraine there are a lot of scientists and scientific institutions that have highest regard for the direction. Together with colleagues we have long sought to bring Data Science study to the world level and make every effort to create a specific discipline to train students in analyzing big amounts of data in real time. Sigma Software widely cooperates with different universities in four major Ukrainian cities and highly interested in development of Data Science technology, as well. So, we have started our own story of partnership and believe it will be truly successful.”

“Information technology is a very dynamic industry. The successful IT engineer should always look few steps ahead, be on the stream, and continuously learn. One of the issues of educational institutions – slow adoption of technological novelties and their implementation in the educational program. As the result, it`s often happens that students learn legacy technologies, or the ones that will become legacy even before the young specialists will graduate. This is great that universities start adopting cutting-edge technologies and provide young people with knowledge and skills that will be in high demand on the market even five-ten years from now. And so we are very pleased to support Kyiv Mohyla Academy on this way,” says Anna Arutyunyan, Head of Sigma Software University.

The top company`s experts are expected to hold the courses and classes in Data Science lab next year. Boris Trofimov, Senior Software Architect at Sigma Software, a well-known speaker and mentor at numerous Ukrainian events, also shared his thoughts:

“Strong theoretical basis and practical skills are crucial, of course, but understanding of business and market is of great importance as well. The amount of data increases dramatically every day; more companies realize that data becomes a very valuable asset that influence business successful growth. Working on projects for world leading companies, we are engaged in creation of systems that process petabytes of data, and we know the market insights. One of our tasks as the Data Science lab project partners is to give students knowledge of the current and coming trends in business and technology.”

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