Sigma Software featured in top-100 outsourcing 2018 by IAOP

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Recently IAOP (the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals) has released the 2018 list of the World’s best Outsourcing Providers. Sigma Software is proud to be listed by this prestigious ranking for the third consecutive year.

Every year the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, founded in 2005, conducts research into the quality of outsourcing services provided by professional services firms. Based on the research, the association reveals the list of the top 100 providers that offer the full spectrum of outsourcing services (across industries and functional areas). The companies are judged on several key factors: size and growth, quality of services and delivery, innovation and the way how corporate social responsibility is embedded in the company`s operations. The Global Outsourcing 100 serves as a reference for enterprises seeking new and expanded relationships with the best services companies in the industry.

What benefits for the company, its customers, partners, and employees, sees Anatoly Kochetov, Delivery Director at Sigma Software?

Sigma Software in top-100 outsourcing 2018 IAOP


Anatoly, in your opinion and based on Sigma Software previous experience, what a company should be to enter the list of top-100 best outsourcing providers by IAOP?

Persistent and professional. But it`s kind of obvious. The judging is quite strict and takes into account many of the operational and business markers of the participating companies. Sigma Software entered this list not from the first try. However, we always strive for perfection; I`d say you can consider it as our unspoken motto. So, we have conducted a serious analysis, revised and optimized approaches, improved processes to be successfully featured to the Top-100 Outsourcing list in 2016.

At Sigma Software, we pay a lot of attention to the principles of CSR and believe that the big idea standing behind our business is as important as our mission. For us, the big idea is creating a strong and stable environment for IT development in Ukraine, through work with government and professional associations, improving education, promoting the country as a huge IT hub, and more. A serious focus we put into development of the IT community, experience exchange and networking.

In order to meet the growing needs of customers, we continuously improve our technical excellence and develop our expertise in various directions including the very trending ones: AR/VR, infotainment, Machine Learning, and others. Within our R&D centers, we master cutting-edge technologies that are not even a trend yet, but will be in a year or two. Thus, we can offer our Customers the in-theater experience on the fields that are still getting on the peak.

With this knowledge and aspiration for exploring new technologies, combined with applying the best practices and approaches on a daily basis, we can provide with services of a premier quality to companies of any size and in any industry.


Why Sigma Software considers participating in this ranking as an important step anyway?

Sigma Software in top-100 outsourcing 2018 IAOPOur mission is to provide high-quality services to our customers around the world, help them achieve their business goals and conquer new heights. The IAOP list actually proves that we relentlessly follow this mission.

It is also a confirmation that Sigma Software specialists are on the same page with clients and can actually understand the way how a customer thinks, thus they are able to see a few steps ahead. This is a factor of great importance to any business when your partner understands at a glance what you`re saying, knows what solution you need without asking you a hundred of questions, comes to you with ideas that exactly fit your requirements, offers the most suitable models of cooperation, etc.

The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals not only scores companies. It also provides individuals with a specific certification (Certified Outsourcing Professional). An extensive guide through best outsourcing practices is a great helper in plunging deep into clients` mind and becoming their valuable partner, not just contractor. Being certified by IAOP, Sigma Software specialists prove that they are able to see and prevent the risks before they arise. Yet even some risks are not identified in time, our experts have effective tools and every knowledge in hand to solve them quickly and without serious consequences.

It all allow us earning a great deal of trust from our Customers and make them choose us for long-term cooperation.


Does the fact that Sigma Software is listed by IAOP influence employees as well?

Well, I think it does. First, it is an opportunity for IT specialists to work with experts acknowledged by the international organization, learn from them and gain access to wide professional expertise that is used by the world`s most successful outsourcing companies.

Moreover, taking part in this ranking opens new edges of outsourcing and presents it in a much wider sense that we are used to think of it. It`s not only custom software development. Modern outsourcing is a high-tech field that covers technologies of the future, the field that is constantly changing and evolving. Customers are very demanding today, they expect that you change and evolve with them and even faster.

This is what IAOP ranking demonstrates selecting the most progressive companies. It is our pleasure to be a part of this distinguished list.

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