Sigma Software is a General Partner of Seattle Tech Days

Sigma Software

This August Seattle attracts the brightest tech businesses from Europe and the USA. Seattle Tech Days conference will gather innovators, entrepreneurs, business, government, and municipal executives to tell US companies about the latest technology successes and innovative achievements from Europe. The event is organized by the European Business Association and supported by Sigma Software that acts as the conference General Partner.

IT companies from Europe and the USA are going to meet on August 25th in Westin Seattle Hotel to discuss trending topics as Big Data, Internet of Things, and Emerging Technologies that will define next-generation product strategies.

Among the conference speakers are top executives of the leading American and European companies, city and State representatives, opinion leaders. Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software, and Alexey Stoletny, Managing Director at Sigma Software Inc., the USA, will become the panelists in discussions.

Seattle Tech Days is a joint initiative of the Ukrainian and US governments, European Business Association, and the leading businesses. We expect this conference to become a platform for sharing ideas and experience, having great meetings, and networking. The spirit of innovation is what drives both our nations forward. This forum is being called to unlock new opportunities for development and move one step ahead of the competitors thanks to cooperation with Europe,” says Alexey Stoletny.

“Sigma Software is glad to be a General partner of Seattle Tech Days. The event will present the latest high-tech trends, software solutions, and product development services, which help global companies to achieve greater business results. The two main topics are business development from startups to multinationals and key trends that will define the next-generation product strategies. The event will gather around 100 high level representatives from global high-tech companies. We are looking forward to meeting a lot of like-minded people, finding new friends, and business partners. See you in Seattle, August 25th!” adds Valery Krasovsky.

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