Sigma Software has sponsored a full B.S. Degree education for an UCU student

Sigma Software

On September 6, the representatives of the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv) and Sigma Software, have gathered to award a talented applicant, Anton Borkivskiy, with a scholarship. The Company has paid full student tuition fee for the internal form of training for four years in the Ukrainian Catholic University.

The winner has been defined by UCU and Sigma Software representatives based on the results of external independent evaluation and applicant’s essays analysis. Сonstant participation in regional and pan-Ukrainian competitions in mathematics and computer science have been taken into account as well. Special focus was on such soft skills as a desire for continuous learning and self-developing, commitment and dedication.

Applicant Anton Borkivskiy has marked in his essay that UCU University develops its students in both ways, professional and spiritual. Along with the opportunity to study, Anton got a chance to take part in trainings, workshops, and thematic events organized by Sigma Software University, participate in internships, receive mentorship support from the company experts, etc.

Sponsored a full B.S. Degree education for an UCU student

“I’m really grateful to Sigma Software for a chance to get a Bachelor Degree at UCU and to learn from company`s leading specialists. The understanding that so many people help and support me motivates me more and hits me to work on self-improvement harder,” says Anton Borkivskiy, a scholarship holder and UCU student.

“We are glad to share our value of development with young generation. European countries have been evolving techno-literacy for a long time. They also give more attention to needy children than we do here in Ukraine. Sigma Software is a part of the Sigma Group, Swedish IT Corporation, and we grow and bring European values to Ukraine. We understand and accept our responsibility as a part of Ukrainian IT eco system. We do our best to develop and build a new mindset, and to grow a new technology generation, comments Mykhaylo Antonovych, Head of Sigma Software University. “The company is not about business only, but about development environment.”

“We are happy to help new and modern educational institution in Ukraine and smart students. We are working hard to help our inherited soviet educational system to change and use all its strength and adopt all its gaps for the new era and it’s so important that new universities appears in Ukraine so that the country is going to reach highest educational standards in the world,” says Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software.

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