Sigma Software introduces a better way to create mobile applications

Sigma Software

In the fast-going mobile world the expectations that the end-users have about mobile applications growth off the reel, forcing businesses constantly raise the quality bar. They need solutions to be created fast, meet high quality standards, and preferably be low priced. Solution providers in their turn have to keep in mind all these nuances in order to stay competitive on demanding mobile market.

Sigma Software mobile development expertise goes back for over 12 years. During this time we have managed to deliver lots of applications. We are perfectly aware of current trends and know that time really matters for the customers. So we came up with the solution that helps to adjust down time and resources apart from budget savings for mobile development.

The Xamarin platform allows creating native iOS, Android, Mac and Windows apps in C# in short time, by utilizing reusable codebase, created by Sigma Software specifically to save time and money of our partners. The Xamarin shares up to 100% of UI code and logic in C# to deliver native applications and uses a single API to generate native, platform-specific user interfaces. Anything one can do in Objective-C, Swift or Java can be done in C# with Xamarin help.

Representing a knowledge base generated by Sigma Software, the reusable blocks that platform deploys, allow quickly launch new projects. About 50% of the code in the average can be reused in every new application.

“Instead of creating the code from scratch, we now take ready blocks, common for most applications (like local database and documents storage, login/logout, documents and RSS items download/upload, document viewing) and simply compose a new product. Having once been tested, these blocks do not need the additional check-over. Rather than putting brand new efforts on creation of all code components, we pay attention to improving application functionality, which allows fully meeting and exceeding customer`s expectations,” shares Anatoly Kochetov, head of Microsoft solutions department at Sigma Software.

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