Sigma Software Introduces a Series of Free Webinars for Business

With all the events taking place worldwide the recent months, many businesses are experiencing turbulent times and looking for new opportunities, as well as conceive the ways to benefit from them by gaining new knowledge. Sigma Software invites to the series of free webinars for business to get an inspiration to move forward and an expert view on how to get a situation under control and stay successful.

Startup Growth in Uncertain Times

We start on Thursday, April 30. The first webinar covers the topic of Startup Growth in Uncertain Times. While in turbulence, quick response to the new reality is critical. If you want to navigate your startup safely through the reefs, you are welcome to join us and listen to experienced entrepreneurs from the UK and Israel: Jon Mundy, co-founder of Kiln, ex-managing director of Zapp360, and Benny Keinan, a VP of R&D at Venn, Ex-VP of Engineering Video at Oath (Verizon Media). The event will be interesting for business co-founders, CEOs, and CTOs, who are looking for answers to the following questions:

  • What are the main advantages of a flexible startup team?
  • What pitfalls of MVP rapid iteration you’d better be prepared for and how to fight them?
  • What are the tips and tricks for getting benefit from remote teams‘ work?

Register and get a chance to win a free 2-hour consultation with one of our tech development experts. If you sign up for a webinar, you can attend the live event and get access to the webinar recording.

Take a look at our upcoming webinar topics as well to see if there’s an event you’d like to register for (please note that dates and topics can change, which will be announced further).

May 14: Cost-Cutting Approaches in the Data Science for Banking Sphere in 2020.

The data available to banks is ample: debit and credit transactions, purchase history, patterns, brand loyalty programs, Internet banking, social media, and more. It also comes in various formats and often is unstructured. Data Science made it possible to manage all the information coming from multiple channels in real-time. Now it is time to manage Data Science, since it is usually quite costly. How to decrease costs for Data Science and not lose control over the data?

Late May: Digital Transformation for the Banks: Trends and Challenges.

Banks and financial institutions have been among the first to switch to digital channels, since they allow reaching and engaging new customers in a more efficient way, reducing costs and improving overall performance and services. However, rapid technology development and increasing customers’ demands require constant changes and become a trend chasing. As Gartner estimates, up to 80% of traditional banks will go out of business by 2030. What to prepare for in 2020 and the upcoming years? What steps to make today to stay in the game?

June (date to be announced): Cybersecurity in the World Switched Online.

The former FBI Director, Robert Mueller, once said: “There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be.” These words are becoming especially relevant now that many businesses go online. Organizations face an ever-increasing number of cyber threats. According to the recent statistics, the hacking attacks occur every 39 seconds, which is more frequent and advanced than ever before. Yet, over two-thirds of businesses are not ready to respond to a cyber-attack, despite even the growing investments in cybersecurity. A reasonable question for companies to ask is: what are the most efficient investments to make to be protected from cyber-attacks?

More webinars to come by the end of 2020.

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