Sigma Software Makes Support of Sports its Strategic Activity within CSR

Sigma Software extends its CSR activities devoted to sports. The company selected to go to a new level to promote athleisure habits and create a sports community in and outside the company. This initiative will include support of external and in-house sport teams, competitions, marathons, and other events.

The year 2019 will be marked with more sports in Sigma Software. The company has always been committed to healthy lifestyle. We conduct regular corporate bicycle days, company marathon teams, carting rides, sport challenges; have a company football team, office gyms with yoga and fitness sessions. However, the decision to make sports a priority in our CSR activities will translate into even reinforced support of physical activities and sporting events arranged in the company and around the country.

Sigma Software CSR Sport

In terms with this endeavor, Sigma Software becomes a title sponsor of an amateur cycling team Unicorn, formerly known as Aerostar. The team was founded in 2016 by Dmitry Volovod, Master of Sports of international grade, many-time champion and prize winner at Ukrainian and international competitions. At the time of founding, the team united 6 people. Only three years later 50 amateur sportsman are on board. Team members participate in virtually all Ukrainian group races and triathlon competitions.This year the team plans its first race abroad at prestige L’Etape Du Tour that will take place on June 21. Sigma Software will be there to support and root for our cyclists at this event.

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Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software and a frequent marathon participant, is sure:

“Working in a highly flexible and changing environment calls our every faculty into play. To face the challenges and cope with them, we need to be in a good shape. Here’s when sports come to the aid. I’ve deducted this recipe for myself and try to help others find their way to health living. I’m glad that our company shares these values and promotes all types of sports events and teams among employees. Besides health benefits, it makes us a better team at work too.”Dmitry Vartanian, Sigma Software Managing Partner and a devoted sportsman, says:

“Sports is not just a hobby or pastime for me. Sport is what makes you strong and resistant to everyday troubles. That’s why I think it is very important to promote the culture of physical fitness and sport in our country and even outside it through creating opportunities for trainings at the working place, arranging sport events to help people find fellow sportsmen, and supporting Ukrainian sports teams that, like, Unicorn, represent our country at the international level.”

Sigma Software CSR Sport
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