In the modern ever-changing environment, a company can be successful only when it seeks for self-perfection and development every day. Our company puts great emphasis on implementing best practices in work and providing superior quality services to our Customers worldwide. This commitment was recognized by credible excellence programs, Computing Vendor Award and Waters Ranking, where Sigma Software has recently participated in several nominations.These annual awards celebrate the achievements of the technology vendors and service providers who are leading the field of enterprise IT with innovative products, services, and solutions that underpin and drive success in both business and public sector organizations.

“We are proud to be listed among the best companies together with such famous brands as Amazon, Oracle, BlackBerry, and others. Earlier this year we also entered the list of top-100 best outsourcing companies. The fact of our acknowledgment by these programs makes it clear that for Sigma Software delivering high quality services is not just fine words, but real deeds,” says Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software.