Sigma Software partners with Odesa robotics school

Sigma Software

Sigma Software partners with Odesa robotics school "BOTEON" to support IT education for kids. Starting from November Sigma Software Odesa office hosts electronics and programming classes for kids on Saturdays and Sundays.

Dmytro and Mariia Mindra founded the school as their investment in future of informational technologies in Odessa. 

For kids aged 8+ the school provides training in electronics and the basics of programming. When kids get familiar with basics, they proceed to studies in modern robotic technologies and discover the concept of Internet of Things.

Mariia and Dmytro say: “Information technology has already become an essential part of our life. It is growing fast, and it makes a huge impact on what people do and how they do it. It is hard to imagine how the world will look like in 20-30 years. We consider robotics to be a trend for coming years. This is a knowledge-intensive field that requires patience and passion. Robotics is highly interactive, and the results are touchable and engaging. Kids can start early, build their projects, nurture the passion, get experience, and become successful in professions that do not even exist today.”

“I believe this is a remarkable initiative, and we are glad to become its partner. Our company always paid great attention to IT education development, not only at universities, but at colleges and schools as well. So we had no doubts whether to take part in this project,” says Ievgen Yakovlev, Head of Sigma Software Odesa office.

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