Sigma Software presented its AR solutions at Sweden-Ukraine business forum

Sigma Software

Innovations were the main topic of the 5th Sweden-Ukraine business forum that was held in Kyiv, June 13th. The event was visited by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, Minister of Enterprise and Innovation of Sweden Mikael Damberg, Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko, Minister of Finance of Ukraine Olexandr Danyliuk, ex-Minister for Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Aivaras Abromavicius, and other State officials. It also gathered top executives of Swedish and Ukrainian businesses.

Sweden is recognized among the top innovative economies in the world. Ukraine, in its turn, is a home for many innovators and inventors; the first gas lamp and the first helicopter were invented in Ukraine, not mentioning the outstanding achievements in space engineering, electronics, and many more. The forum became a platform for discussing Swedish and Ukrainian innovative products and solutions, innovative ways of working, and how we can become stronger through cooperating.

While Augmented Reality has already been an emerging trend for a while, this technology expected to continue its growth in the coming years, rapidly revolutionizing the established industries like automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and education. At Sigma Software we aim not to chase the world trends, but be ahead of them. At the 5th Sweden-Ukraine business forum we presented two Augmented Reality solutions, developed by Sigma Software experts.

Dmytro Lapshyn, CTO at Sigma Software, explains:

“We all go shopping at least few times a week. It sometimes happens that you take many goods without counting what the total price would be. It’s only at the checkout stand you might find out that the amount to pay is bigger than you expected. Our first application helps avoid such awkward situations by employing AR glasses the customer is wearing while shopping. The application scans the products` barcodes by using the camera built in into the glasses, and determines their type, origin country, and price. You can easily add the scanned products to a virtual cart or remove them, so you know beforehand what the total cost of your purchase will be.

The other application uses the principle of remote guidance, which is a quite typical application of Augmented Reality solutions. It helps users to create origami by displaying interactive animated instructions for each folding step. Since the application uses AR glasses as the display device, the instructive visuals are overlaying the real-world picture of the physical piece of paper being folded, so the user’s line of sight does not have to jump back and forth from a computer or smartphone screen to the real origami in the making.”

“Pioneers always get unique opportunities. Our goal is to bring our Customers the benefits of ground-breaking innovations,” says Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software. We saw a genuine interest in our solutions from the forum participants. The future belongs to these technologies, there is little doubt. Although we`re still at the beginning of the story, it is possible that in few years we will be used to augmented and virtual reality just as we`re now used to mobile phones or global communication networks. Events like Sweden-Ukraine business forum are very important as they stimulate our society to move forward.”

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