Sigma Software Rated as Top-Quality Developer and Support Provider-2020

Sigma Software

Most recently, the ranking of the best Custom Software Development Companies in 2020 was published. Sigma Software was included in the list of top 20 companies in this rating.

We are excited to announce the next significant achievement for the company in the field of recognition by international organizations. In particular, the SoftwareWorld platform has added the Top-Quality Software Development and Support Services Company nomination to our award piggy bank. The ranking places were distributed among companies of various sizes, mainly from the USA and Israel.

Sigma Software top rated by the SoftwareWorld

The platform distinguishes Custom Software Development Companies as those that are the best in demonstrating a broad range of knowledge in creating, implementing, and deploying customized software to their customers. The top-rated companies are able to bring value to the businesses aiming to grow in today’s fast-changing circumstances – from delivering helpful solutions up to saving much time and cost – and we are glad to be one of them.

Sigma Software has been consulting and partnering with startups, product houses, and enterprises in various industries for 18 years. During this time, we have gained vast experience focusing on such domains as media and advertising, telecom, transportation, construction, healthcare, and finance. We know and understand the specifics and needs of the businesses we work with; thus, we know how to help our customers create sophisticated and large-scale platforms used by thousands of end customers all over the world, how to build efficient document management, and how to develop products on the edge of technology.

In addition to that, we offer innovative solutions aimed to save our customers’ time and budget. The processes’ implementation and its optimization allow to increase the profitability and make them more effective, as well as reduce mistakes caused by human factor.

Along with innovative services for customers, we pay special attention to nonstop progress of our own expertise, mastering new industry practices, applying modern technology stacks, and growing specific competences. This means the combination of upgrading our own essential platforms and building our competence with new technologies and up-to-date IT solutions (like Big Data, Infotainment, Augmented Reality, etc.).

“We have been providing service in various business verticals and across many industries for 18 years, and we know the needs and peculiarities of these businesses,” says Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software. 

Sigma Software CEO Valery Krasovsky

“We understand what enterprises are looking for and are well aware of the needs of product houses and startups. This helps us deliver projects that easily fit into our customers' work processes. For example, for Scandinavian Airlines, we have delivered a diversified and sophisticated cost-managing system that allows tracking fuel consumption and costs, selecting the vendors and prices. This system can handle more than 1,100 flights to 136 destinations daily. Another great example is delivering an e-Сom platform for an automotive brand. Developed from scratch by our team, it is now used by 11 automotive brands. The platform works in 30+ countries, processing tens of thousands of orders daily. As for startups, one of the recent successes to name is launching an innovative game, Black Snow, for a self-titled customer. Black Snow is a Unity-based Augmented Reality game, providing its players a combination of a single view with large scale aerial battles, along with simulating the holographic goggles immersion effect.”

“As we provide top-quality software services for corporations in various fields of business all around the world, this recognition is quite logical for us. Every time I get such great news about getting into the world TOP of software development companies, I become convinced that we are on the right track. And it motivates us to move on,” Valery adds.

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