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The cooperation between Simula Research Laboratory (SRL) and Sigma Software started back in 2008, when SRL’s Research scientist, professor Magne Jørgensen, invited us to take part in a major survey being conducted in a number of software companies in Eastern Europe. Our cooperation continued with new surveys in 2011 and 2018.

This year we participated in a new study on estimation and programming in Java organized by professor Magne Jørgensen named among 50 most influential specialists in Information and Computer Technologies in Norway. The aim of the study is to evaluate accuracy of software development estimates depending on a developer seniority level.

Simula Reserach Laboratory and Sigma Software


Understanding that accurate estimation is one of the important cornerstones of any successful project, we at Sigma Software took part in the research with verge. Over 40 of our junior, middle, and senior Java developers have provided their estimates and completed example tasks in the research environment. For many of our junior specialists, this was the first experience in estimation and they were eager to try their hand in this area. The programming performance data were collected using Technebies, a research-based platform for measuring programming skill, delivering great product and skill tests for professional software developers.  

We look forward to receiving the research results and continuing our partnership with Simula Research Laboratory and Technebies and hope that this research results in more accurate estimations and, correspondingly, more successful projects. The IT industry needs developers that can deliver high-quality software for large, complex systems on time and on budget. The estimation is not just about the numbers, but it's a way of thinking.


Professor Magne Jørgensen

Professor Magne Jørgensen, Chief Research Specialist at Simula, says:

The main objective of Simula Research Laboratory is to drive scientific progress that is of genuine value to society. Important research with long-term impact in the fields of communication systems, scientific computing and software engineering constitutes the basis of Simula.”


Photo Source: Magne Jørgensen


Sergio Salenko

Sergio Salenko, Business Development Manager at Sigma Software, believes:

Computer technologies develop at rapid strides. We don’t have years to bring all processes under control, develop time-proven methodologies for such tasks as estimation. An outside point of view and SRL’s scientific approach may bring valuable findings regarding this process.”


Photo Source: Sigma Software


SRL is a Norwegian research organization, which conducts researches in such areas as networks and distributed systems, scientific computing and software engineering. The strong focus on basic research is combined with both teachings of postgraduate students and development of commercial applications.

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