Sigma Software Took Part in Creation of Video Lectures for Ukrainian Students

Sigma Software specialists joined the pilot project on updating informatics classes in schools, initiated by the Ministry of Digital Transformation and Ministry of Education and Science, with the support of the EU4DigitalUA program. Within the scope of the project, Sigma Software experts with practical experience in various areas of the IT industry joined the discussion of the contents of computer science education in schools and gave practical recommendations for their update.

One of the components of the pilot project Updated Informatics – IT Studios was the preparation of videos for informatics classes. Together, IT and game development companies, members of he Kharkiv IT Cluster, filmed 10 educational videos for the project. In those videos, company experts talked about various IT professions.

The heroes of the video from our company are trainers of Sigma Software University educational platform, who are not only professionals in their specialty but also have teaching experience. They explained what tasks they solve every day, what difficulties they face, and what technical and social skills help them in their work:

  • Andriy Reva, a senior Java developer with over 7 years of experience in creating IT projects, told the students about the Java programming language and its features
  • Anastasia Shkurina, a recruiter and a regular star of corporate social networks, explained what professions exist in the IT industry and how to develop a mobile application
  • Taras Isichenko, test engineer & lead, later project manager, who became a testing trainer for dozens of students at Sigma Software University courses, spoke about the work of test engineers and the peculiarities of software testing
  • Anastasia Gavrish, a recruiter who conducted hundreds of interviews with candidates for positions at Sigma Software, revealed what social skills are needed for a future career in IT

Four of ten videos were filmed at Sigma Software’s Lviv office. The videos have already been integrated into the educational materials of the Updated Informatics – IT Studios pilot, and soon they will be available to millions of Ukrainian schoolchildren, who will be able to better understand the world of IT and what specialty might be right for them.

Filming video IT-class in Sigma Software office
The importance of orientation education and first-hand information from specialists cannot be overestimated.

“We will train not users but creators of digital content. By engaging IT industry experts, we will be able to bring school education to a new level. We want every student to be able to develop, deepen their knowledge, create digital content, and even new digital solutions.

IT studios are a contribution to the successful technological future of Ukraine,” said Valeria Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for European Integration.

Valeria Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for European Integration
The Updated Informatics – IT Studios project is one of important steps towards improving computer science education in schools.See more information on the project’s landing page: In addition to updating the content areas and approaches to teaching with the involvement of professional specialists, students get information about what exactly stands behind different areas in IT. For example, that software development is not just about writing code. It also includes testing, graphic and UX design, and much more.

Maksym Pochebut, Chief Learning Officer at Sigma Software

If you look at our company with two thousand specialists, you will find product managers, cybersecurity specialists, data engineers, and others. We hope that such video lectures will help young people choose a future specialty that best suits their aptitudes and preferences, so we are happy to join such important initiatives,” said Maksym Pochebut, Chief Learning Officer at Sigma Software.

The creative technical execution of the video at a professional level was provided by the Kukuruza Production studio and the in-house production of the game development company Plarium.

Updating the content and educational resources of the subject “Informatics” is part of a major reform of IT education in Ukraine. The project is being implemented at the initiative of the Ministry of Digital Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Culture within the framework of the EU4DigitalUA program, which is financed by the European Union.

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