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Sigma Software

This year’s 2018 Best Outsourcing Thought Leadership (BOTL) Awards brought us good news. Sigma Software has been selected the winner of the Real World Use Case Study – True Buyer/Provider Partnership Category. The winning case study is the story of our cooperation with Ringorang Worldwide LLC developing their brand engagement solution.

Best Outsourcing Thought Leadership - Sigma SoftwareSigma Software focuses on offerings that cover all customer’s needs to the maximum extent and create new business value for businesses. When we found out about the BOTL Awards Program by The Outsourcing Institute, we felt that they celebrate the same principles we try to implement in all our projects: collaboration and co-innovation. The year 2018 BOTL Awards were devoted to case studies that exhibited true “digital convergence,” leveraging technology, and digital transformation to solve business problems. And we had what to tell about.

In our submission for the BOTL Awards we depicted the cooperation with Ringorang Worldwide LLC as a nice example of true collaboration and co-innovation. The cooperation dates back to 2009, when Ringorang Worldwide LLC was just at the R&D stage with its brand engagement solution - a cross-platform engine and an app for mobile and PC devices that helps organizations of all sizes to deliver and measure retained learning. Over the years of cooperation, we were looking for better ways to reach success for our client and became the software engineering provider that our partner needed.

We developed the pilot project, extended the team and created new features as the solution matured and gained popularity, advanced to a new level of partnership by launching our CTO-as-a-Service offering, reengineered the solution based on Xamarin to increase performance and eliminate technical limitations (just finished). The reengineered solution with new capabilities for customization of the applications according to clients’ needs, vivid user interfaces, and simplified user flows allowed our customer to grow the number of clients in an order of magnitude.

A video interview with B. Wayne Barkley, President & Co-Founder at Ringorang Worldwide LLC regarding our partnership

We were pleased to known that BOTL judging panel of independent enterprise executives and industry advisors buyers have marked our work high and gave us the winning place in Real World Use Case Study – True Buyer/Provider Partnership Category for the story of our cooperation with Ringorang.

Alexey Stoletny, Managing Director at Sigma Software Inc. (USA), has attended the Digital Convergence Conference in New York City at PwC on September 19, 2018, to take part in the award ceremony and receive the prize.

The BOTL Awards aim to recognize case studies and thought leaders who are truly transforming the enterprise using both new technologies and innovative business models to make their organizations digital-ready. It is an honor for us to be among them.

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