Sigma Software Year in Photos

The year 2019 was stirring in our company. We welcomed new members to our team and launched advanced projects, opened more markets and investigated fresh domains. It is tempting to say many words about all the events of the passing year, but we will just show you the best moments we experienced at Sigma Software.

New Markets – Israel, the UK, Malaysia

We established relations with customers at new markets – Israel, the UK, Malaysia – and can’t wait to tell you more about the projects we brought from these countries. A large mobile development team visited our new customer Mindvalley, the world largest online personal growth platform, in Kuala Lumpur to discuss creation of a mobile app for secure communication.

Development of Mobile Application for Mindvalley

Developing our Offices and Adding New Locations

This year we improved our existing offices, added a new location in a Ukrainian million city with a large tech specialists’ community – Dnipro, and extended our team to smaller places. In Vinnytsia, a cozy new office opened its doors just before winter holidays.

Embedded and IoT R&D Lab in Odesa Office

R&D Labs are specialties of our office that enable us to create projects based on mint technologies, help our engineers test their ideas and developments. An Embedded and IoT R&D Lab in our Odesa office provides space for experiments to our specialists from Embedded Department.

Embedded and IoT R&D Lab

First Beta Release of AR game Black Snow developed in Sigma Software

In concert with BlackSnow Games, our AR development team released a cinematic AR game available on a regular smart phone. The live geo game on a real map is seamlessly combined in a single view with large-scale aerial battles in Augmented Reality, simulating the mixed reality of smart glasses.

Our Corporate Radio – Sigma on Air

Two of our colleagues, Oksana and Maxim, launched a corporate radio channel, Sigma On Air. It was first broadcasted back in May and shares the latest news of the company.

Sigma On Air Corporate Radio

Opportunity for IT community in Ukraine – Sigma Software Labs

We launched Sigma Software Labs, a surpassing and unequalled ecosystem for startups, small product and service companies. They can be sheltered by a leading technology consulting company Sigma Software and obtain support and surpassing benefits to grow at all stages.

Sigma Software Labs - Innovative Office Space with Bonuses

The Year of Sports in Sigma Software

We announced 2019 the year of sport in our company and became a title sponsor of an amateur cycling team Sigma Software – Unicorn. Team members participate in virtually all Ukrainian group races and triathlon competitions.

Sport in Sigma Software

Sharing Knowledge Inside and Outside the Company

In terms of our educational initiative Sigma Software University, we organized 20 continuous education programs and 46 trainings in 2019. That’s besides support to internal specialized communities and conference visits.

Sigma Software University

Third Season of Open Tech Week Meetups

We continue investing in tech community development through our educational charity event Open Tech Week. This year gatherings totaled 164,210 UAH and, as usual, were transferred to local charity funds.

Open Tech Week

Representing Sigma Software at Tech Conferences

Tech community events give a chance to see how the wind blows in our industry and meet outstanding people. London Tech Week, New Mobility World in Frankfurt, STHLM Tech Fest, Web Summit – these are just a few of the events our experts visited in 2019.

Sigma Software at Tech Conferences


It was a good year for us and, we hope, for you too! Join our team, visit knowledge sharing events, or order software development with us, and become a part of our next year!

Find out more about our company life and social projects in CSR Report 2019.

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