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On April 17th Sigma Ukraine took part in the 13th open job fair at Odesa national polytechnic university. Students listened to the company presentation, asked questions and expressed their opinion about Sigma Ukraine as an employer.

This year 2000 students visited the annual ONPU job fair in order to receive information about employment and trainee programs. Employers were presented by 56 companies and organizations, which provide workplaces in Odesa. Sigma Ukraine is a permanent participant of the event, proving a strong interest in education development in Ukraine.

After the fair the company representative Evgeniy Yakovlev took part in the round table “Collaboration between ONPU and business in the field of IT specialists training”. ONPU Center of enterprise partnership conducts the round table to engage in dialog IT companies, successfully operating in Odesa. The main subject of discussion in 2014 was compliance of graduates’ knowledge with employers’ expectations and ways of increasing efficiency for training programs of future IT specialists. 

During the event, the chief spokesman of the round table named Sigma Ukraine among top three employers, which are considered by the students of Odesa as dream companies to work for.

“All the efforts, which we’ve made by developing different educational programs, respond directly in the hearts of students, making us one of the most attractive companies in Odesa for young professionals,” said Evgeniy Yakovlev, Head of Educational Programs at Sigma Ukraine`s Odessa office. “Our newcomers receive full support from senior specialists of the company and can participate in different training programs on the regular basis.”

Sigma Ukraine extends educational activities, and has further plans for participation in programs conducted by Ukrainian universities for the students of IT disciplines.

 “We intend to continue our cooperation with higher educational establishments of Ukraine on the perfect level,” said Valery Krasovsky, Sigma Ukraine COO. “We will also keep on supporting government activities on IT education development, as well as participating in international projects for IT students, like TEMPUS. This is one of the important components of our fast and effective growth.

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Sigma is a long-term business partner wherever information technology makes a difference. We are a global player with a Nordic base. We deliver the smartest solutions to support our customers' business aims. Sigma is owned by Danir AB and has about 1700 employees in eleven countries. Sigma operates in Ukraine since 2006 and the local team currently consists of 450 IT professionals.

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