Sigma Ukraine changes name to Sigma Software

Sigma Software

We are excited to announce the new milestone in the company`s history. From now on we change our name to Sigma Software, renew the logo and soon we will change the website domain.

Sigma Ukraine company is constantly developing, becoming a multinational software engineering services provider for clients worldwide.  We are now moving to the next level and are going globally. In the nearest future the company plans to open engineering centers and representative offices in the USA, UK, Eastern Europe and Asia in order to provide best possible quality-cost-competence mix to its customers, increase scalability and overall capacity.

Following global expansion and general company development, we are proud to announce that Sigma Ukraine changes the name to Sigma Software. The new name reflects the actual niche, vision and purpose of the company among other members of Sigma Group. It also works best for the company’s global presence.

“These changes underline company niche to provide superior quality software engineering services to our Customers all over the world, combining offshore delivery from Ukraine with onsite presence and tight integration with Clients,” says Valery Krasovsky, Sigma Software COO. 

“The company is going worldwide, discovering new locations, embracing cutting-edge technologies and expanding partnership network,” adds Vladimir Beck, CEO at Sigma Software. “We believe this is the new milestone in the company`s life, that will lead us all to the new exciting opportunities.”

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Sigma is a long-term business partner wherever information technology makes a difference. We are a global player with a Nordic base. We deliver the smartest solutions to support our customers' business aims. Sigma is owned by Danir AB and has about 1700 employees in eleven countries. Sigma operates in Ukraine since 2006 and the local team currently consists of 450 IT professionals.

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