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On the 26th of October, 2012 new Microsoft operational system Windows 8 was released, which is focused on PC and tablet devices. Even before that, in summer, 2012 Sigma Ukraine Microsoft Solutions department launched a pilot project aimed at studying the new platform and obtaining experience in the development of applications for Windows 8. 

As a result, the team developed an application called Sigma Smart Board, which helps run SCRUM and plan sprints for distributed teams, using the application as a virtual SCRUM board.

Soon, the application will be available on the Windows Store. In the meantime, the team creates a knowledge base for launching new projects and preparing promotional materials for the production of new commercial projects.

Largely thanks to this pilot research project, department of Microsoft Solutions has completed two commercial projects:

Some of technology stuff we use:
  • XAML + C# for Metro UI
  • Live tiles/secondary tiles (see more)
  • WCF
  • MVVM pattern
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