Sigma Ukraine develops Windows 8 XAML controls for one of the largest US telecom companies

Sigma Software

In the middle of September, 2012 Sigma Ukraine had successfully delivered XAML controls supporting Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 for one of the largest US telecom companies.

When Sigma Ukraine was chosen by the Customer as a contractor for full-cycle development, design and testing of a new Microsoft platform layer on top of the existing REST API services, the first challenge was to allocate the project team of 10 people within 1 week. The second challenge was that the project must have been completed within 2 months of the start.

After 8 weeks of work Sigma team delivered open source controls, which enable the following application features: send SMS, MMS and MMS Coupon, display Voting chart, and transcribe Voice to Text. The created solution is a Microsoft® Visual Studio® Extension of Customer’s API Platform, and with the Visual Studio 2012 RTM release has become available to all users who develop Windows 8 apps. The solution is integrated and listed within the Microsoft Visual Studio Gallery offering.

"Lack of technical documentation for the early adopters of Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012, as they were officially launched after we delivered the project, was a challenge, but we successfully have overcome it," says Artem Petrenko, Sigma Ukraine Project Manager. "We worked directly with Microsoft  to overcome these issues. As a result, within the first week of the project we gained all required knowledge to start work."

The controls were developed using latest Microsoft technologies including Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012 and Microsoft .NET 4.5 for Windows Store Application as a platform. The delivered solution provided developers with a visual controls and building blocks on the top of the Customer's REST API platform and enabled quick learning path to the API.

"With this project we helped this world-known company achieve challenging goals while grew our Windows 8 competence leveraging our close relationship with Microsoft," says Valery Krasovsky, Sigma Ukraine COO. "This is very important step for us, as we are increasing our business in  the Pacific NorthWest of the United States; this is one of the key directions in our strategy for 2013 and the coming years. Today about 40% of our business comes from the United States and we are working to grow our US presence in the future."


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