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Sigma Ukraine took part in the kick-off meeting, dedicated to project "National Education Framework for Enhancing IT Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship" on November 5-7 in Kiev. This project is a part of the Tempus program and aims to strengthen cooperation between educational institutions, research institutes and business in Ukraine.

The project "National Education Framework for Enhancing IT Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship" started in October, 2012 and will run until October, 2015. European Commission allocates €1 million to Tempus program to support IT innovation and entrepreneurship among students during next three years.

The project is coordinated by the Linneaus University (Växjö, Sweden). Coordination in Ukraine lies on Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics.

The kick-off meeting on the project was held on Ministry of Education and Taras Shevchenko national University in Kiev. Representatives of 5 Ukrainian and 3 European Universities, Ministry of Education of Ukraine, Design Bureau "Yuzhnoye", IKEA, Sigma Kudos and Sigma Ukraine companies took part at the meeting.

During tre days participants were sharing their expectations from the project, analyzing problems that may occur during its implementation, working on educational programs improvement, discussed interaction between education and business. The next meeting is to be held in Oxford, in December 2013 and will sum up project's first phase results.

"We became project participants, because we see Ukraine's great potential and big possibilities in the field of Information Technology," says Niklas Malmros, Sigma Kudos Global Operation Manager. "Within project frameworks, we are planning to organize master-classes involving our experts. Talented students will be invited to study in Sweden."

"Implementing best practices from European universities, getting new bright ideas in teaching students closer to real IT business needs — these are the main points why we decided to join new Tempus project. Besides, our company takes active part in Ukrainian IT education development, constantly cooperating with universities, working together with government structures — Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Education, the State Employment Center. All these steps are already yielding first positive results," said Valery Krasovsky, Sigma Ukraine COO.

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