Sigma Ukraine team develops iOS Smart Golf game within 24 hours

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DOU Hackathon is a 24-hours-long programming event. The event took place in Kharkov on the 30th and 31st of July, 2011: Sigma Ukraine became one of its sponsors. Our team, working 24 hours in a row, has developed a Flash game for iPad and iPhone: the Smart Golf.

According to the DOU Hackathon rules participants had to write a program within 24 hours and then present the solution to the audience. Before competition start all teams have outlined the main idea of their future projects. Teams worked in friendly atmosphere and were met by audience with applause when the final presentation part begun. Participants of the event were also judges– they chose the winner by open voting.

Sigma Ukraine team came up with an idea of the game a while back, but actually developed it at the night of DOU Hackathon.

"Smart Golf is an application for playing golf based on Flash, .NET and Mobile technologies. Picking up data of players’ phone or iPad accelerometer, we can 'transform' the device into a golf driver, and the Web client on the other side of the screen becomes the playing area," says Denis Radin, the author of the idea, Flash specialist at Sigma Ukraine. “The solution`s simplicity allowed us to play the first game in 24 hours after the work started. But what we have already achieved is just a beginning; we will work on program furthermore. Our near-term plan is to create a version for Android and come up with new features".

Several other teams performed the assignment successfully as well. Sigma Ukraine awarded the authors of augmented reality app with a prize and bestseller book about startups. 

"Swift development of mobile technologies opens us various new areas to use creativity almost every day," — says Valery Krasovsky, Sigma Ukraine COO. "Our company is always happy to support people with novel distinctive ideas."

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