Speeches and Safari at STHLM Tech Fest 2018

Natalya Zheltukhina

1-4 September, 2018, STHLM Tech Fest welcomed startup professionals, entrepreneurs, and tech geeks once again. Organized in terms of Stockholm Tech Week, the event became the annual global meeting place for the startup ecosystem. Since 2013, it has gathered those impassioned by innovations and striving to find better ways for every area of our lives.

This is the second year in a row that Sigma Software takes part in STHLM Tech Fest, and again we were fascinated by earnest and fervent people that represented their offerings and attended the event. According to organizers, the STHLM Tech Fest expected 14 tech conferences, 50+ events and parties, totaling 36,000 expected guests from 20+ countries. The reach was surely wide and starred major companies presenting their innovative solutions and supervised startups.

Sigma Software at STHLM Tech Fest 2018The speeches invited to rethink the whole areas of our daily living: Future of Games, Future of Design, Future of Finance, Future of Impact / Energy, Future of Diversity. Some of the areas to rethink are rarely met at tech conferences. One of the speeches – Future of Food – presented a new way to eliminate the looming food crisis caused by overpopulation. The solution discussed is artificial plant-based meat produced in 3D printer-like device, and the company of the speaker (Beyond Meat) promises we can try a burger with patties made using their technology.

The current trends that our booth visitors were most interested in include Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity. There was a lot of talk about scarcity of development resources, up to that point when startup companies are limited with finances, until they manage to onboard additional developers. It was nice to meet our old and new friends and find out what they are looking for in terms of tech and what they have reached over the year.

We had a lot to showcase and discuss with the community that STHLM Tech Fest has united. The key topics reflected in our offering and meetups are burning for every startup, whether its managers have already run into related issues or not. These topics are Cybersecurity and Dealing with the technical debt. As a technology company, we face the technology-related side of making the startup and understand what risks may come from this sphere.

Sigma Software at STHLM Tech Fest


A special guest at our booth arrived to introduce Ukrainian engineering expertise to STHLM Tech Fest visitors. A legendary racing motorcycle, the Ukrainian team drove to officially set the new world speed record for vintage motorcycles at the Bonneville Salt Flats (the USA) race.

Sigma Software at STHLM Tech Fest


This year event also featured the second edition of the highly appreciated Tech Safari. Sigma Software invited STHLM Tech Fest visitors to our office for meetups held by company experts. The meetups were devoted to delving into the issues related to Dealing with the technical debt and Cybersecurity.

Dmytro Lapshyn, CTO at Sigma Software, talked about technical debt. Dmytro is a person responsible for development operations and practices, technology and architecture choosing based on clients’ needs and an enthusiastic leader of several experimental projects, which explore implementation of the newest technologies, such as augmented, mixed, and virtual reality. In this capacity, he often faces dilemmas associated with technical debt accruing, so he knows the ropes in this area. Hope our visitors will be able to benefit from the experience and conclusions he shared.

Sigma Software at STHLM Tech Fest


Our second meetup was about Cybersecurity and what a tech company owner can do to ensure it in its product or resource. Anton Marukha, Key Account Manager/Business Development Manager at Sigma Software, talked about Cybersecurity as a holistic system and number one tasks to complete to ensure cybersecurity - identify measures that are important for the business and assist in prioritizing and implementing them.

To sum up, I’d like to thank organizers for all the work they’ve done and to participant for interesting conversations. Stockholm always captivates me with its innovative spirit and its conscious conduct of business. In an interview to Partik Slettman, STHLM Tech Fest founder, Tyler Crowley, described Stockholm as a creative capital of the world and the Swedish way of doing tech as Lagom tech. And I totally agree.

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