Successful Delivery of a Portfolio Governance Solution

Sigma Software

A few months ago Sigma Software team in close cooperation with the customer, På AB, have released a new version of a comprehensive cloud-based solution that allows organizations of all sizes to manage their projects and maintenance portfolios effectively. Since then the solution has shown a tremendous success and is already used by a number of companies.

På AB, a Swedish-based company, is the owner of a unique model for project and maintenance portfolio governance, pm3, which is widely spread and well known in Nordic countries. Pm3 facilitates a closer cooperation between business & IT, enabling more efficient governance. Sigma Software and På AB successfully collaborate for several years already.

Sigma Software was engaged to create an online solution based on the pm3 model to make organizations portfolio governance easy and well-structured. The platform allows companies to organize regular maintenance activities, to plan resources and budget, as well as projects and enhancements, at all levels, to monitor statuses, and to generate reports with the help of a real-time dashboard. The new version is focused on usability and simplicity to offer seamless onboarding processes to new companies.

Portfolio Governance Solution

“We have closely worked with the customer to make the solution really efficient and handy: we have decommissioned several legacy features and implemented new ones instead, conducted usability testing to create an intuitive and friendly user interface,” says Evgeniy Bachinskiy, Project Manager at Sigma Software. “Before the new version release, our customer had gathered a focus group to get the first feedback from the end-users. Our team had an opportunity to learn users` impressions first-hand. Based on this feedback, we were able to quickly eliminate the shortcomings of the platform, and to come up with the ideas and recommendations that eventually helped the platform to become commercially successful from its first days on the market.”

“Sigma Software team acted as our partner rather than a contractor. They were very active in terms of drafting requirements, generating ideas, suggesting new features, and upgrading the existing ones; they took part in communication with the focus group to define their real needs and priorities. A significant part of the product’s success is due to their contribution. I am quite happy to cooperate with Sigma Software”, says Patrick Lidberg, Product Manager at På AB.

“More companies today, when requiring IT services, expect way more than just software development. At Sigma Software we are ready to take responsibility for the product, to become the customer’s right hand, to provide advice when needed and bring fresh new ideas. We have a vast experience in many business verticals; and we are willing to apply this experience to help your products conquer the market,” says Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software.

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