“We, at Sigma Software, believe that businesses should be socially responsible, so we constantly take actions to build a great country and future for our team and all Ukrainians. Helping young businesses succeed is a considerable part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program. A year ago we launched a tech incubator Sigma Software Labs to help Ukrainian startups, product and service companies to raise money and find their Customers through our network. Since 2015, we take part in running a student startup ideas contest IT-EUREKA! Many students received their first grants through IT-Eureka, the project that we initiated years ago together with EU authorities,” Valery Krasovsky, CEO & Co-Founder at Sigma Software and Member of EBA IT Committee Board emphasizes.

“Today we team up with the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation in their essential initiative that will hopefully minimize the effort for establishing and conducting business, educate Ukrainian startup founders, and bring up a generation of business-aware people.”

Sigma Software Social Responsibility