Sweden-Ukraine Business Forum Reveals Cooperation Opportunities

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The Sweden-Ukraine Business Forum is an annual gathering of Swedish and Ukrainian entrepreneurs and decision makers dedicated to enhancing trade between the countries and to showcasing Swedish solutions that can be engrained in Ukraine and bring value to its further successful development and growth. Swedish companies represented in Ukraine traditionally support the forum. Sigma Software became an events partner together with Volvo, Scania, Ericsson, ABB, SKF, and other outstanding brands.

This year particular focus was given to how improved public procurement and the decentralization process create opportunities for business, and how Ukrainian exports to Sweden can be further increased. The current trend in trade between Sweden and Ukraine is positive. Last year, Ukraine’s exports to Sweden increased by 8,9% to a new historic high. Swedish exports to Ukraine are now almost twice the level of 2014. However, both export and import figures remain relatively low in absolute numbers, implying that there is an unexhausted potential for bilateral trade and investments.

7th Sweden-Ukraine Business Forum

Photo credit: Embassy of Sweden

Nataliya Mykolska, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, emphasized that among the factors of the future growth are attraction of investments, continuation of structural economic reforms, focusing on innovations and modernization of economy. Based on these points, Ukrainian government set off key reform priorities that embrace business climate improvement, export support and protection, support of innovations. “Our task is to help export-oriented industries, since we believe Ukraine has a spectacular potential as an export country,” she said.

Mykhailo Tytarchuk, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine pointed out that the country has moved to the 76th place (vs. 126th) in the global Doing Business rating, which became possible due to government reforms aimed at creating stable environment for entrepreneurs. This is the most fair indicator for Swedish companies to look at Ukraine as a new destination for investments. He also voiced the Importance of bringing innovations and implementing government digitalization. “Sweden exemplifies how to make technology serve people, and we should follow their lead.”

Keeping to the subject, Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software noted during his speech at the panel “Ukraine as one of the Sweden`s closest developing market”:

Valry Krasovsky at 7th Sweden-Ukraine Business Forum

Photo credit: Embassy of Sweden

“During the last several years we see an increasing interest from the government organizations to the digitalization and implementing solutions that would help to optimize the work of government bodies, public entities and services. We have completed numerous projects in financial area, in the sectors of construction, healthcare, education, and others; we know Ukraine`s peculiarities and understand how to use the power of technology for its development; and we would be pleased to contribute to building a strong and stable country.”

Ukrainian motorcycle at Sweden-Ukraine Business ForumOn the Sigma Software booth, the attendees could take a closer look at the company`s expertise in different domains. The outdoor exhibition also featured the first Ukrainian motorcycle that set the world speed record on Bonneville race last year. It was created by Kharkiv engineers and supported by Sigma Software demonstrating the fact that company sets a high value on bright mind and dedication of Ukrainian professionals in any area, not only in IT.

The agenda also included several streams of workshops and seminars. One of them highlighted Swedish experience in creating comprehensive healthcare solutions and if they can be applicable for Ukrainian market. Hugo Pettersson, e-Health generalist at Sigma IT Consulting:

“Digitalization of healthcare is inevitable. This area is rapidly changing and demands faster and better services. Swedish companies have numerous great solutions that create value today together with clinical knowledge and research. This should be able to meet Ukrainian needs, why not to use this experience?”

Jan E. Larsson, SVP Sales and Marketing at Cambio Healthcare Systems:

“It is our second year on the forum presenting our healthcare solution that is successfully embedded in clinics daily operations in Sweden, Denmark, and the UK. Our system provides all the functionality to handle an integrated patient process from primary visit to release resulting in increased patient safety due to fewer human errors, better clinical efficacy, and lower budget for daily operations. The statistics says that just one clinic is saving up to 10 million SEK yearly using our system. Ukrainian clinics can definitely benefit from it as well.”

Another workshop was dedicated to companies` cooperation with universities and how to ensure that business and education are not parallel worlds. Anna Arutyunyan, Head of Sigma Software University, told how students can benefit from this educational platform and what soft skills are important for professional development in the information technology field.

Anna Arutyunyan at 7th Sweden-Ukraine Business Forum

Photo credit: Embassy of Sweden

This was an excellent productive day full of interesting information, nice networking, and new acquaintances. Looking forward to join the forum next year.

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