Swedish-Ukrainian Private Sector Cooperation to Increase Knowledge Exchange

Sigma Software is entering a unique collaboration with Combitech, an independent technical consulting company and part of defence and security group Saab AB. The companies will work together to share insights and expertise within high-tech projects. The collaboration aims to strengthen and develop Swedish and Ukrainian skills and competencies in complex systems and secure system integration, which are both urgent and important to successfully manage the industry’s technological transition while maintaining robustness and security.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 – Jessica Öberg, CEO of Combitech, and Valery Krasovsky, CEO of Sigma Software Group, sign an agreement to enter a long-term collaboration. In connection with the formal signing in Stockholm, Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade, Johan Forssell, gives a speech.

The collaboration will center around sharing technical knowledge in joint projects, but also mutually exchanging skills and work experience within the framework of projects in the civil area. A special focus will be on the development of complex systems and secure system integration.

Signing contract with Combitech

“Businesses’ role in society is important and contributes to a country’s economy and development. Through this collaboration with Sigma Software, we at Combitech will, together with skilled employees in Ukraine, contribute to strengthening both our nations’ economies and knowledge in secure system integration. The collaboration is part of Combitech’s ambition to share knowledge and experiences across industries, businesses, and between employees. Together, we can build more resilient and safe societies,” says Jessica Öberg, CEO of Combitech.

“Sigma Software has more than 15 years’ experience in fruitful collaboration with Swedish businesses and government agencies as a technology partner. The new partnership with Combitech exemplifies the support that Swedish enterprises provide to Ukrainian engineers and reinforces business ties in Ukraine. We also extend our genuine gratitude to more than 40 customers in Sweden who have continued working with us for many years. This partnership signals a strong message to other Swedish businesses, fostering resilience and strengthening the bonds between our countries,” says Valery Krasovsky, CEO of Sigma Software Group.

Complex systems and secure system integration at the core

Initially, the partnership will focus on knowledge exchange that strengthens the ties between the businesses’ operations and employees, to find the forms of this Swedish-Ukrainian cooperation. The focus is on a strategic project of an advanced technological level in the field of digital infrastructure in the civil marine area. The aim is for this partnership to grow over time and create great benefits for both Sweden and Ukraine.

About Combitech

Combitech is an independent technical consulting company and part of defence and security group Saab AB. It is accelerating the development of a smarter, more sustainable, and more resilient society. Combining their solid experience within defence- and industry sectors, the company contributes to society by enabling the industry, total defence, and communities to withstand the challenges and leverage the opportunities of tomorrow.

As the Nordic tech solution and consulting partner with 2200 passionate, highly skilled experts in some 30 locations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark, the company partners with their customers to push the boundaries of technology and make a difference.

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