Universal API for Scandinavian Construction Sector Completed

Sigma Software

About a year ago, Sigma Software team started a project for the Swedish company providing services to the construction sector. Our assignment was to develop a new and high-load version of customer’s product and an API for its integration with external solutions. This system, widely used across the Nordic region, allows utilizing electronic ID cards to control workers` access to construction sites. Obligatory registration of personnel helps to secure work sites from unauthorized access.

Electronic ID cards contain information about an employee, an employer company, and more. When a worker accesses the construction site, special hardware scans information from a card and transmits it to cards register for verification, using special API, also developed by Sigma Software.

Universal API for Scandinavian Construction Sector Completed

“This API acts as the main bridge that unites electronic card issuers with on-site application providers. It was designed to withstand tens of thousands simultaneous requests per several seconds. All operations within the system had to be performed with exceptional security and privacy in mind, and thus we aligned the development process with accordance to European standards on public APIs and data protection,” says Anatoly Kochetov, Head of Microsoft Solutions Department at Sigma Software. “The high performance solution we have built is intended to ensure order, safety, and security on construction sites, eliminate grey labor, and promote healthy competition.”

The project lasted about one year and went live in early 2017, giving end users the ability to leverage all of the benefits of a fast and reliable API, as well as providing the Customer with rich administration opportunities.

“Apart from the latest technology stack, in our work we also used the best practices like test-driven development, continuous integration, test automation, and a number of top-notch tools. The particular scalability and flexibility of the solution was achieved with database caching and Cloud hosting,” adds Svitlana Starikova, Project Manager at Microsoft Solutions Department. “Our team kept direct contact with end users to gain a deeper knowledge of the domain and business needs throughout the entire development cycle.”

Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software, adds:

“The great work done by Sigma Software specialists on creating the robust and thorough system resulted in strengthened and continued cooperation with construction sector in Scandinavia. We are proud to deliver technology-savvy solutions that contribute to cherishing a healthy work environment in Northern Europe.”

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