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October 16 to 19 in Tokyo, a huge event took place. Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) included three exhibition zones, each devoted to its own theme: total solutions, devices/technologies, and industries/markets.

Our colleague Yaroslav Bershadsky was one of the team that won the visit to the event at Programmer 2018 hackathon with their mobile app to determine bus route numbers for visually impaired people. Yaroslav together with his team members got a glimpse of advanced technologies presented at the exhibition and enjoyed communications with representatives of the companies participating in the event.

Sigma Software at CEATEC Japan 2018


Yaroslav Bershadsky:

“After 16 hour flight to Tokyo, I felt no less eager to see the latest developments of technology than before I hit the road. The views of Tokyo stroke me with an intricate mix of local culture and skyscraper-studded cosmopolitan center. The views of the exhibition the next day stroke me even more :-)

All three zones of CEATEC, the largest annual IT and electronics trade show in Japan, were full of amazing technological advances from very different areas, including robotics, IoT, TV, printing, communication, air conditioning, and more. The show featured pretty much every Japanese electronics maker I’d ever heard of and many of those I’d encountered first.

Sigma Software at CEATEC Japan 2018


I was impressed by top-notch robotic solutions presented at the expo. A dumpling-making robot, a tea ceremony robot, an info-robot, a cleaning robot, and many others. The cleaning robot was particularly interesting, since it uses a neuron network to find and identify objects it was commanded to put away. Though the robot is not perfect yet, I’m sure it has a lot of potential :-)


In the field of personal devices, a portable personal cooler stood out. The idea seems very appealing – a device that you can wear outside to keep you from over-heating. The embodiment presented at the expo – an earphones alike gadget neck-worn and attached to a cooling package - raises some questions. First, the weight of the package. It is too heavy to be carried around all day. Second, wearing the cold-emitting gadget on the neck poses some health concerns. Battery life of the device, its cost, and temperature range are other questions that could be asked. Anyway, the fact that companies are working on devices like this gives us some hope.

Sigma Software at CEATEC Japan 2018


Sigma Software at CEATEC Japan 2018Another gadget I saw at the expo and found absolutely necessary at the situation was an instant translation device. In Japan, where quite few people speak English and I myself have not even a basic knowledge of Japanese, a translation device would help a lot. I can easily imagine such device applied at international conferences, in trips to foreign countries, in airports, and the like.

The device is implemented as a transparent panel. On one side of the panel the original text is displayed, on the other side, your interlocutor can see the translation. The design is admirable and reminded me about futuristic devices from some sci-fi movies.

As to the quality of translation, it was really high, so the device receives one more point from me in this area. I don’t know how they’ve managed to reach such quality though.

There were plenty other mind-blowing, practical, state-of-the art solutions and devices. I wish I could spend more time at CEATEC and had that translation device to find out more about all of the developments shown. I believe that some of them will hit the market soon and bring a little more comfort to our lives.”

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