We are Enhancing Xamarin Development Competence

Sigma Software

Sigma Software launched the Xamarin development competence about a year ago. Since then we have created several mobile applications, using the platform, for our partners in different business areas. This technology allows adjusting down time and resources and significantly speeds up mobile applications development without compromising with product quality.

The Xamarin platform allows creating native iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows apps in C# in short time, by utilizing reusable codebase, created by Sigma Software specifically to save time and money of our partners. The Xamarin shares up to 100% of UI code and logic in C# to deliver native applications and uses a single API to generate native, platform-specific user interfaces. Anything one can do in Objective-C, Swift or Java can be done in C# with Xamarin help. Representing a knowledge base generated by Sigma Software, the reusable blocks that the platform deploys, allow quickly launch new projects.

Anatoly Kochetov, Head of Microsoft solutions department at Sigma Software, describes some of the projects, delivered using Xamarin platform.

“For our long-term partner, the Swedish-based company, leading e-government solutions provider in Sweden & Denmark, we once have developed applications for iOS and Android with Xamarin to simplify working with documents to end users. This documents management app is especially interesting. With the help of this solution the organizations can reduce costs related to paper consumption, postage, and any carrier. Notices of meetings, agendas, and documents gathered in one place provides a better overview. At the same time security around handling of meeting documentation and notes is increased.  The solution is integrated with Customer`s ECM systems, so the users don’t have to take special care of downloading, uploading, and maintaining local copies of the documents — it’s all done automatically. The system is widely used in the government institutions since municipal politicians handle a very large amount of paper every year. A lot of time is saved by using the application instead of sending papers back and forth”.

We also used Xamarin to develop a number of apps for construction industry that help monitoring the access to the construction site and allows managing a number of systems like adjustable lighting, heating, ventilation, door locks, and more. Then, finally, another project we are working on using Xamarin is a framework that considerably speeds up development of mobile applications.

“The Xamarin technology proved to be very effective. We are quite happy with how this technology helps us to use our .NET and C# competence in delivery of mobile applications under iOS, Android, and Windows,” Anatoly adds. “We see a great interest to it from the businesses and the strong trend for growing. So this year we plan to strengthen and enhance an engineers` team, start an internship on this direction, and launch a competence center. We are not only developing solutions on Client`s requests, we also provide re-engineering services. Our qualified experts use the best methods to make sure Xamarin is the most efficient solution that meets all Customer`s requirements.”

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