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Sigma Software is actively leveraging its embedded systems development expertise as embedded devices and products today play a vital role in defining the direction for further development of innovations.

Sigma Software accumulated considerable experience in embedded development so far. Our approach in developing smart solutions is based on choosing the best technology to solve particular problem and applying thorough experience in different fields of software development. This allows us reducing efforts, effectively managing risks and delivering extensible solutions. Key technical features that distinguish our products are different operating systems support, careful performance and memory overhead tuning, and reliability testing.

Our background embraces a number of completed projects for companies of different sizes across industries. Vladimir Chirva, Development Director at Sigma Software, mentions just some of successfully delivered solutions:

“Recently we were engaged in a high-technology project for a customer in defense sector. Together with our partners from Sigma Connectivity we have developed and ported WLAN and Bluetooth drivers for an action device, which transmits information and video streams real-time, ensuring stable connection between the users. Another complex project was delivered for a big corporation working in automotive industry. Our team has developed control panels for city buses that allow easily detect and eliminate failures of any bus system including doors opening and closing, suspension adjustment, interior lighting, fuel availability, etc.”

“In our work we use proven practices and excellent management school, thus our services efficiently solve customer`s specific challenges. Our team is ready to come at any stage or take over the whole software development process from the concept creation stage to implementation and support,” shares Valery Krasovsky, Sigma Software CEO.

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