We attended the European Economic Congress in Poland

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The European Economic Congress is the largest business event in Central Europe that brings together European Union Commissioners, Members of the European Parliament, dozens of ministers from all over the world, CEOs of the largest companies as well as experts and businessmen to discuss European economy trends, challenges and priorities.

Over 6,000 attendees participated in the three-day debates focused on the future, new development trends, and new ways of thinking about Europe and the European economy in the world. The agenda of the Congress 2015 was full of theme-based sessions dedicated to various sectors of the economy and public life, such as energy, infrastructure, transport, man and technologies, metallurgy, healthcare market, construction and real estate, investments etc.

Sigma Software representatives visited the event. Elena Marchenko, Business Development Manager at Sigma Software, shared her impressions:

“The European Economic Congress is a great event for those, who wish not only to stay in tune with recent economic trends, but also be able to forecast future ones. That is why we were very pleased coming to Katowice to define strategic focus areas for Sigma Software offerings for the next several years, as well as meet some of our existing customers and prospects.”

“Today Poland is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. Attending the Congress gave us a number of insights on Poland, its role in global European economy and growth potential. With our new office in Warsaw, we plan to expand on this promising market and have already identified focus areas for this,” adds Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software.

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