We Have Accomplished an Innovative Solution for Street Lighting Control

The idea of the smart city, where thousands of devices are able to communicate with each other and are easy to manage, is blowing in the wind for years. Being one of the most innovative and technologically savvy countries, Israel is looking forward to make its cities smart. Sigma Software is excited to be a part of this story.


For almost 20 years, the Telematics Wireless, a company based in Holon (Israel), delivered wireless systems, networks, and solutions to control street lighting, water supply, and transportation.

Several years ago, they have started working on the innovative and daring solution based on embedded development and Internet of Things. Having a strong back-end team on board, Telematics Wireless has developed hard- and middleware parts of the system on their own. On the client side, they used the third party product, which was not fully adjusted to their needs and costly in licensing fees. So, they’ve decided to create their own software.

We have started with an onsite visit of an architect and a UI/UX expert for a pre-study. After just three days, our onsite team has created a basic architecture and a clickable prototype of the IoT system.

Embedded Development - City Lighting Control

Daily routine

This project that lasted for nine months became very special for Sigma Software for many reasons.

Close cooperation with the Customer at all stages of the development allowed us to quickly respond to changes in requirements. The Product Owner took an active part in all iterations, demos, interim discussions. Working with him was a real pleasure, since we were free to offer the technical decisions and approaches we considered as most optimal, arising from a great deal of Customer`s trust we earned earlier.

While working on the project, Sigma Software team used proven technologies on the server side (.NET F#, Suave, Mono, MySql, Apache SOLR, RabbitMQ) and modern UI libraries on the client side (React, Redux, Leaflet Maps, D3) to deliver a responsive, fast and easy-to-use Single Page Application.


Creating the IoT street lighting solution, Sigma Software team had to face several challenges as well.

First, building the architecture of this solution, which had to consider all requirements and restrictions, was a complex and non-trivial task. Moreover, the system needs to cope with a huge amount of devices across cities and the whole country; therefore, it must withstand high loads.

Second, it was necessary to create the optimal solution from the usability point of view. The app`s end-users are ordinary people – technicians, municipalities workers – who need a very simple and intuitive interface despite all the complexity of the system itself.

The integration of the application with the customer’s system was by no means an easy business, since they are written using different technologies: .NET and Java, correspondingly.

In August 2018, Sigma Software team completed the solution development. The Customer is currently preparing to participate in tenders for system delivering to cities all over the world.


Due to creation of an own product, our client, Telematics Wireless, does not need to use third party software anymore and, thus, experiences significant cost saving.

Vladyslav Bunchuk, Software Development Manager at Telematics Wireless also notes that the new custom solution better meets Customer`s business needs and expectations. “This development was a challenging task with numerous difficulties and obstacles on the way. However, the team has managed to deal with all the issues we faced and deliver the solution in time. They actually acted as our partners rather than like just a solutions provider coming up with fresh ideas and valuable advices. It was a pleasure working with you, guys.

Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software:

“The project for Telematics Wireless advances our expertise in creation of smart systems for city services and city infrastructure control,” says Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software. “The future belongs to smart systems; we are proud of being involved in making it closer.”

The Street Lighting Control is already successfully implemented in Israel, France, the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore. It is a big pleasure to be a part of this innovative and breakthrough project, which helps cities around the world reducing energy consumption, becoming more ecologically friendly, and cutting costs. We are sure that this is only the beginning of the path. Wish our partners further global expansion.

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