We have launched the Agile course 2015 in Kharkiv, Odesa, and Lviv

Sigma Software

In early October students of Kharkiv, Odesa, and Lviv universities gathered for the Agile course kick-off meeting, where they got acquainted with the project`s goals and main rules, as well as met their mentors. Sigma Software conducts the course the fifth year in a row. This time we introduced several novelties. The course will now be running all year round. Furthermore, the university professors will be involved in students` work.

Nineteen teams, five students in each, have started the Agile course 2015. Five teams will be working in Odesa, twelve — in Kharkiv, and two — in Lviv.

The previous years the course took three months and lasted from October to December. Now it will be held in three stages. The first phase started on October 1st. During this stage students will work on assigned tasks under the mentorship of company`s specialists.  In December, the teams will present their projects to the mentors. The second and third phases, which will be held from February to April and from June to August respectively, will imply the further work on the projects. Students will receive the opportunity to finalize their solutions, improve the functionality and quality, and even choose the new technology in case they want to.

The course participants should identify the roles within the teams: each team decides who will become a Scrum master, developer, team leader, test engineer, designer, business analyst and architect. One of this year novelties is that the university professors will now be engaged in teams’ work. Their roles will also be identified by the students.

“The main goal of this course is to give young people the opportunity to understand what the teamwork is all about, and how processes should be built for the successful work. In fact, many graduates don`t know the specifics of IT business. Our Agile course is a unique opportunity to take an inside look. Students will learn how to communicate within the team and with the customer, how to clarify the customer`s requirements. We want them to act as a real team, find solutions together, cooperate and interact,” says Natalya Potapova, training manager at Sigma Software. “And one of the main course objectives is to give the students the clear understanding of how English language is important for IT industry.”

Most of software development projects use Agile methodology, since it helps to react faster on requirements change and allows checking the results of the work more often to avoid misunderstanding. It is very important that future specialists think Agile way from their students days and build the right mindset when they start working on real projects,” says Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software.


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