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Sigma Software

Last year, after several stages of negotiations, Sigma Software became a winner of a tender from a famous gaming company, Wargaming. The company is an international game developer and publisher, one of the world`s leaders on free-to-play online action games market.

Product migration for WargamingThe cooperation with Wargaming started in September 2015. Our assignment was to perform User Interface migration of their flagship product, World of Tanks, from legacy ActionScript2 to ActionScript3. Sigma Software team rewrote all the elements of battlefield user interface, such as menus, maps, profiles, notifications, chats – basically, everything that helps users to play.

The end-users will hardly notice any difference except for better rendering and fewer bugs. For Wargaming, however, this resulted in a number of significant improvements, including:

  • Easier maintainability. The migration allowed reducing time and resources for product maintenance, which leads to lower costs.
  • Fewer defects. Some of the code that the Client had used was created five and more years ago and contained a number of defects, which were hard to find and fix. Our team has replaced all legacy code along with removing all detected bugs, so the product now runs more smoothly.
  • Better scalability. For every game development company it is quite essential to release new game capabilities attracting new players. From now new game modes and features are much easier to add.

“During 14 years our company has been working with a number of world-known international companies. We are very glad that Wargaming is now among them. For us it was a great experience, and the Customer is satisfied with job done, as we delivered everything within the time and budget. So this mission is complete, though I believe our cooperation will continue in the future” says Artem Petrenko, Strategic Alliance Manager at Sigma Software.

“Our company claims very high requirements for code quality. It is our pleasure to acknowledge that Sigma Software was able to meet our expectations. This, actually, applies not only to quality of the produced code, but to all processes and approaches they used in daily work,” says Alexey Einor, Head of Vendor Management Service at Wargaming.

“We are proud to be partner of Wargaming – the company where talented, creative, innovative, and dedicated people work. In fact, this is what we have in common. Another thing that we share - high requirements for the quality of work. I think this was the key to our successful cooperation,” says Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software.

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