We implemented a comprehensive intranet portal for a global medical technology company

Sigma Software

In late June Sigma Software team in cooperation with Sigma IT Consulting has successfully accomplished the development of a sophisticated intranet portal for a leading medical technology company, which delivers innovative products and solutions that contribute to quality enhancement and cost efficiency within healthcare and the life sciences.

The portal is intended for more than 15 thousand Customer`s employees working in over 40 countries. It enables the company`s specialists to review news feed, filtered according to the office location, review colleagues profiles and learn company`s hierarchy, watch video, browse events calendar, upload documents, create and fill in online forms, conduct surveys, look through the job opportunities in different locations and apply by sending own CV. The main content is loaded on a web page dynamically, so the user doesn’t need to wait until the entire page loaded to see the content. This is really important in the areas with low Internet channel capacity.

The portal has a solid and handy search that was implemented as the mix of two Cloud services — Azure Search to search through content and SharePoint Online Search to search through people`s profiles.

The team has been working for four months to deliver the solution by the end of June. Sigma Software specialists used the whole stack of the latest Microsoft technologies, including EPiServer 8.0 and Entity Framework 6, as well as JavaScript frameworks. The portal is hosted in the Cloud and integrated with Customer`s Aсtive Directory.

Responsive design makes it really easy for all Customer`s employees to access the portal anytime and from any device. It is now in the process of deployment. In the future, the Customer plans to add even more useful features to the portal, including a forum.

Effective information management is one of the strongest competitive advantages for businesses and organizations today. Sigma Software has an extensive experience in developing various intranet and extranet portals. We apply best practices and the latest technologies to make it really easy for our Customers to handle corporate information,” says Anatoly Kochetov, Head of Microsoft Solutions Department at Sigma Software.

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