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Sigma Software finished migration of a complex Java-based application from IaaS to PaaS solution. The solution is used by Vergence Entertainment — a company that specializes on development of multimedia and marketing solutions. The migration resulted in numerous benefits for the product owner, including substantial financial savings and improved scalability of the application.

The enterprise training application, which was developed by Sigma Software for Vergence Entertainment back in 2009, was hosted on the cloud environment that provided excellent quality of services, though the challenge of a robust scale out and down required a more sophisticated and elegant solution. After assessing several alternatives, Sigma Software proposed a migration plan, which assumed transferring the application to a PaaS cloud platform powered by Jelastic.

The Jelastic platform provides scalable, manageable and highly available networks, servers, and storage solutions to software development clients, enterprise businesses, original equipment manufacturers and web hosting providers.

The agreement with Jelastic was signed in early October 2014 and enabled Sigma Software to expand the scope of services for its enterprise-level customers.

Product migration to Jelastic rails was performed by Sigma Software engineers. Once migration was finished, we have built a solution which cut operational costs by up to 45% and provided unprecedented scalability options.

“Jelastic innovative technology allows the customer to forget about hardware and integration and start thinking of application needs. The migration to PaaS gives a product owner an opportunity to gain a full control over customer's applications just in few clicks and enables the team to scale up, out and down application with great monitoring tools to control every outstanding case,” says Artem Petrenko, Strategic Alliance Manager at Sigma Software.

“The migration to the Jelastic environment was performed in a very efficient and timely manner,” says Greg Pinter, CTO of Vergence Entertainment. “Our experience and overall satisfaction with the transition was and continues to be top rate. We are now experiencing all the cost savings and performance benefits that were promised about the Jelastic platform.”

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