Leveraging Innovative Products for Business Growth

Benefit from the combination of our deep domain expertise and innovative products ecosystem to transform your business, gain a competitive edge and safeguard sustainable business growth

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  • What We Do

    A good understanding of our clients’ business needs, aligned with deep domain expertise allows us to spot innovative products that best address those needs. As a system integration & development company we pick such products, contribute to their development & use them to pave the way for your success.
  • What You Get

    As is standard with Sigma Software, you get a premium-quality solution for your needs, but faster thanks to tried-and-proven solutions & products. They vary from business process automation to augmented analytics and have one thing in common – they offer a smarter way to do business.
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Software Integration for Diverse Needs

Our products ecosystem can help you find a time- and cost-efficient solution to your business challenges in diverse areas. Rely on tried-and-proven products for:

Advertising & Martech

Unlock new possibilities with self-service advertising, world-class fraud detection, influencer marketing, and campaign management platforms

BPM & Automation

Automate and accelerate your business processes with novel hyper-automation engine or enterprise-scale BPM platforms and tools

Cloud Management

Facilitate cloud management & monitoring, data migration to the cloud, and data analytics with battle-tested and proven tools


Safeguard your SDLC and platforms operation by integrating world-class security checking platform and anti-fraud solutions

Data & Analytics

Accelerate your data system deployment and cloud migration by several times. Leverage a user-friendly ML system to enhance your Analytics

Digital transformation

Transform and digitalize your business using powerful products to be focused on business logic & communications automation, not code & infrastructure

ECM & Archiving

Set your document management and information flows in order with the leading enterprise content management and long-term archiving solutions

Tech & Industry Specific

Benefit with robust solutions based on cutting-edge technologies like AR/VR, AI/ML, IoT and tailored to your industry specifics


Leverage our huge experience in software product development to get your own brand-new or customized solution
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We thoroughly select and co-invest into innovative products and solutions that can help our clients reach their business goals faster and in a more efficient way

How we add value as a software integrator

Powering your Business Transformation

Digital transformation is essential for business agility, resilience and success

We use novel solutions & smart approaches to make the transformation hassle-free

Uniting Tech & Business Understanding

Our experts take part in the development of most of the products we integrate

This deep tech expertise allows us to ensure seamless & efficient integration

Safeguarding Reliability & Compliance

Smooth operations are of top priority, especially for business-critical systems

We rely on tried & proven solutions to ensure their smooth & compliant operation

Optimal Cost, Effort & Time-to-market

Save development efforts and shorten time-to-solution by using mature products

We help our clients get ready solutions fast & start getting value from day one

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Some of the Products We Rely on

Manage and monitor your whole project portfolio status to stay in control of core KPIs, optimize project management processes and enhance the efficiency of your PM efforts
Hyper-automation engine enabling easy system integration, API management, business process and communication channels automation, and omnichannel digital experiences.
No-code platform for analytics and data science that enables business analysts create and train ML models 2 times faster thanks to automation and pre-defined templates.
AI-enabled solution that allows to extract, transform, and load data from multiple ~3 times faster & with up to 80% less effort than it would take using traditional ways.
Novel cyber security platform solving revenue impacts and negative consumer experiences caused by malicious ads & redirects. Used by Xandr, The Boston Globe, Imgur, etc.
A completely customizable self-service platform for global publishers and brands, allowing automation of ad sales & management. Used by Hearst, Shazam, eBay, Philips, etc.
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How the Integration Process Works

Solution discovery is essential for envisioning the future solution, making sure it will address your business needs best and can be delivered as expected.
At this stage we:
  • Thoroughly investigate your business case & IT landscape
  • Select the products that address the business case best
  • Elaborate tech vision & future solution architecture
Our experts create the envisioned solution on top of the products & components chosen, customize those and make sure they seamlessly fit your IT landscape.
At this stage we:
  • Run Proof of Concept or a Pilot project to validate the solution
  • Develop the solution using tried & proven products and components
  • Integrate the solution into your IT ecosystem & train users
We not only implement complex integrated solutions, but also safeguard smooth operations and support your team in working with those to make sure you get maximum value.
At this stage we:
  • Provide 1st, 2nd & 3rd line SLA-based support
  • Safeguard smooth operations and track essential KPIs
  • Identify improvement areas & suggest optimizations
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