Partner Product: AI-Driven Data Management Platform

Datuum .ai is an AI-enabled platform that performs automated semantical analysis of raw data to simplify data migration, consolidation, normalization/cleanup, and querying
Partner: AI-powered data management startup
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  • We Help You to:

    Extract, ingest, transform, migrate, and load data (even low quality and poorly structured ones) from multiple systems to a single location, including automatically generated ETL pipelines, with up to 80% faster and less effort than it would take using manual approaches.

  • We Offer:

    • Fast configuration and further management of the data merge from various systems into a single source of truth
    • Seamless & automated data migration between different systems
    • Legacy data extraction, normalization, and import
    • Little-known data identification & upload for improved analytics
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It was such a relief to know that now the game is changed, and we no longer have to waste tons of our effort on migration routines.
Founder & CTO
datuum .ai

Collaboration Overview


Sigma Software has been working a lot with Big Data and Data Analytics. Therefore, we are well aware of the most common difficulties related to data consolidation and management. Our experts thoroughly monitor the market for new solutions and tools that we can further utilize to help our clients cope with those challenges in the most efficient way.

Datuum .ai is one of such tools as it uses AI algorithms to automate data operations end-to-end and cuts efforts on data preparation for migration/integration, analysis, or even ML training.

  • Saves ~80% costs on data recognition, mapping, and extraction, compared to a manual process
  • Has a unique neural network architecture that detects semantical types of multiple business data classes as well as relationships between business entities and compares this picture with the target ontology
  • Consolidates different data structures into one target model
  • Manages vast amounts of fragmented low-quality data locked in legacy systems through generating data transformation routines that normalize the data
  • Safeguards up to 98% results accuracy
  • Provides access to the data through a low-code interface
  • Safeguards continuous performance and quality improvement with a self-training AI

Each business case is unique. Hence, our team is looking for the most optimal approach how to meet goals and configure efficient & smooth data management flow for each of those. We not only set up the process, but also provide ongoing support and guide the clients’ in-house teams on using datuum .ai to leverage the full potential of the solution.

The typical project flow looks as follows:

  • The team investigates your use case and makes sure that datuum .ai fits your needs (if so, we provide you with the demo so that you could envision datuum .ai abilities)
  • We analyze your requirements and define an implementation strategy
  • Our experts set up the system, identify data ontology, and train the AI model to recognize the data automatically
  • We provide you with the results and educate your team to monitor, correct & adjust those (if needed) through the simple interface

Expensive data projects, scarce data resources, numerous routine data operations – all these challenges are very familiar and common for many businesses.

Our experience shows that datuum .ai can successfully cope with those challenges, reduce efforts, and substantially shorten time-to-insights. We have already used datuum .ai to optimize our client’s data operation. Below are a couple of cases where the results were the most impressive:

  • 72% reduction of data management costs through automated data collection from numerous Dealer Management System instances, data cleansing & normalizing with further load into a central storage
  • SaaS platform integration speed increase by 10-12 times proven on successful integrations with over 20 external systems


I made a promise to myself that I will never ever enter yet another life-long data migration project and that is how datuum .ai platform appeared. It was such a relief to know that now the game has changed, and we no longer have to waste tons of our effort on migration routines. This tool does the same as an engineer can do, but 80% faster. Worth trying it, trust me.
Dmytro Zhuk

Founder & CTO

datuum .ai

Life is too short to waste it for manual data identification, so automation becomes the only possible way to finish with that boring thing. Today is the right moment to start that journey with datuum .ai.
Irina Shimko

Business Development Manager

Sigma Software

Data management tool software development and integration team
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